How to Acquire Email Marketing Leads In 2019

Email collection may seem hectic. You may want to overlook the whole aspect of email marketing to gain leads but the truth remains your prospects’ email addresses gives you a chance to persuade them and nurture them towards conversions in the future. We have discussed ways to approach email marketing to help you create a loyal customer base and increase your conversions tremendously.

1. Target the right audience

You may use one lead magnet for all your visitors when your business is new. However, you will need to know who you are targeting as you continue generating the content of different intent.  In the beginning, it may be easy to target your visitors depending on the post they are engaging with.

To make lead capture successful, optimize your website so that the number of your audience using mobile phones can have a good user experience. With time, you will realize that it is not possible to capture all your leads using one magnet. This is the point where you will have to consider creating several landing pages. ( we have discussed landing pages in this article, continue reading)

2. Determine your lead magnet opportunities

How do you discover your lead magnet opportunities? Here are some steps to follow:

Know what the needs of your audience: What is this that your audience wants?  You will not have a problem coming up with a lead magnet when you understand your target audience’s biggest pain points.

Offer a solution: Do you have a solution to your audience’s biggest problems? If so then offer it in an appealing manner.

Acquire Email Marketing Leads

3. Attract leads by creating free incentives

There are different ways to approach this idea:

lead capture banner blog post

Create content upgrades: Your analytics will let you which of your blog posts have received a huge amount of traffic in the last few months. Use this information to create a free gift based on this content.

Develop a free giveaway that prepares your costumes for a buy: A lead magnet that is connected to your premium offers is crucial.  This can be a  service or product. Create a lead magnet that is just quick to exhaust so that you give them an urge for your paid product or service.

  • For a service business, you may offer free trials and discount coupons.

Promotional lead magnet: Another way to capture emails is to run promotions. Use a giveaway to grow your email list fast. Promotions need proper planning to avoid any chances of giving too much than you should. To make the best out of the promotions, always give away a gift that is related to your paid offers.

4. Create a converting website

How do you make sure that your audience grabs your incentives?  Here are some ways in which you can ensure your traffic is directed towards your free offers.

Place your lead magnet and promotions above the fold of the website: Placing your offer at the upper part of your website; where the visitors properly sees it without scrolling down the page, increases the chance of capture.

Professional landing page: A landing page is paramount for email marketing. One thing that you have to understand is that each unrelated lead magnet should have a landing page.  To properly  optimize your landing page:

  • Have a primary headline as well as a secondary subheading
  • Contain a detailed statement
  • Have benefits listed in bullet form
  • Have an image of the lead magnet
  • Create a minimum of two fields(i.e email and name)

Having a dedicated landing page for opt-ins is another best way to enhance your email marketing.  Your visitors will only see the page once they navigate to it, otherwise, it doesn’t distract them from consuming your content. Additionally, a landing page helps you enhance your email marketing through other channels such as social media.  Make a point of sharing a link to your landing page instead of the homepage; this is a fast way of growing your email list.

5. Let your visitors create an account before progressing to buying

Another easy way to acquire email leads is by making it possible for your visitors to give you their email address as they complete action on the website. You should aim at limiting the number of steps for any process;  to make this possible, combine account created with an email opt-in method when the customers are purchasing.

6. Make use of pop-ups as the visitor’s exit

Pop-ups are a gold mine but only when used well, otherwise, they might overwhelm your users. As we said earlier, timing is everything.  You can easily set your pop-up to display as the user shows signs of leaving.

7.  Include a sticky bar to all the website pages

A sticky bar is placed on top of the page while the sidebar is placed on the side of the pages. The two are quite similar, but one thing you will love about sticky bars is that they do not distract your user. The users scroll the page while the sticky bar remains in its place.

  • Your users will see an email opt-in bar and sign up if they so wish.

8. Do proper timing

When you target your audience is another aspect of capturing email leads. Am sure you wouldn’t want to distract your user experience when capturing emails on a blog post. The best way to increase your bouncing rate is to interrupt your reader before they even get past the second paragraph. Distracting your visitor is also another good way to decrease your conversion rate.

Your offer should be created around visitors behavior. Present your offers depending on what your users are doing on the specific pages. An exit- pop-up is a good day to make your visitors stick around for a while.

Take note of what really attracts your visitors to each page they visit, so that you are able to increase your conversion rate.  If most of your visitors are visiting product pages, give an offer that is product related.


Email collecting is one way of retargeting and nurturing your audience effortlessly. Understand that your visitors’ emails are valuable and so you will have to offer them something appealing to have them. Your value should revolve around offering a gift that people can’t turn away. As long as your offer is persuasive email collecting will just be a walk in the park for you.

We hope OnSpot Social tips and tricks helped you upgrade your email marketing strategy so as to increase your conversions.

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