Turn Holiday Shoppers Into Repeat Customers With OnSpot Social

Tis’ the season for extended shopping hours, a surge of customers, long lines, and merchandise flying off the shelves. Although your business’s sales numbers are usually up for the holidays, they typically drop off to normal levels soon after the gift-buying season ends.  As this has always been the norm, it seems most retail business owners have come to accept this situation.  However, what if there was a way to keep sales elevated by continuing communication with all those shoppers you generally wouldn’t see again until the following holiday season?

iPad App To Collect Holiday Shopper Contact Information & Email Addresses

OnSpot Social may be able to help you accomplish this.  Picture your store’s checkout line full of non-regular customers impatiently waiting to pay for their goods.  Desperately looking for anything to occupy themselves with, an iPad located next to this line would provide a perfect activity for these consumers.  By running OnSpot Social on an iPad, it would allow these consumers to instantly connect to your business through Facebook, Twitter, or Email.  Once connected, these “one-time” shoppers will now be following your social media and email marketing campaigns.  New communication channels will have been established between you and these folks.  Later, you can focus on how you will convert these holiday customers into regular customers through your interactions with them on Facebook, Twitter, and through your e-Newsletter e-mail.


These days, it’s important to run the most attractive holiday sale as possible to compete with the droves of competitors out there.  However once you succeed in convincing consumers to visit your store for their holiday shopping, many businesses overlook the opportunity to convert these once-a-year customers into regulars.  If you are serious about growing your regular-customer base, utilizing OnSpot Social in unison with a well designed social media marketing campaign is a great way to achieve this.

Happy Holidays!