Discover the Best Retail Sales Tracking App for Driving Sales

The retail business has gone through some impressive changes thanks to technology.  Retailers now face fewer challenges because most of what they used to worry about is now taken care of by retail management apps which look after essential elements such as retail sales tracking and more. Likewise, the customers who spent more time looking for products from one store to another now have it easy. They also do not have to worry about making payments.

Amazingly retail apps can be used in any retail store unlike not long ago, they were only a privilege of large store chains. As a retailer, you cannot turn a blind eye to the popularity and significance of the retail apps.

There are more than enough retail apps in the market and more are being developed every single day. For this reason, we understand that it may not be easy to get yourself an app that does the job perfectly well. Fortunately for you, we have discussed the best retail software of all times to help you get more done in no time.


Best retail software managed efficiently with the OnSpot Social App
Best retail software managed efficiently with the OnSpot Social App


 Why OnSpot Social for retail sales tracking?

Here are some of the features that will make you fall in love with OnSpot Social app, the leading retail management software:

1.  Easy to use

OnSpot Social comes with an easy to use interface. The app featured a non- complicated digital screen to help you deal with the ups and downs of business in the most preferable manner. The app lets you pack your schedule when it comes to customer management and retention instead of feeding valuable data in different logs which is both exhausting and time-consuming.

2.  Code scanning

OnSpot Social app uses its camera to scan products instore. As if not enough, the app pulls enough details about the products from the database including the price, quantity left and discounts associated with the specific product.  The QR code scanning features helps you reduce the pre-sales consulting thus saving you and your customer time.

3.  E- Promotions

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The best retail management app makes it easier for you to create and use coupons. OnSpot Social gives you the ability to tailor your coupons depending on the clients’ purchases or mobile search history obtained. Retailers get to save money and time associated with creating and launching a special product offer by simply using the OnSpot coupon feature. The customer will then use the mobile app to activate the coupon and simply click on a button to activate the discount for mobile payments.


Retail management software such as the OnSpot Social App help with your retail sales tracking
Retail management software such as the OnSpot Social App help with your retail sales tracking


4.  Customer engagement

Research has shown that 90 per cent of text messages received are read within 5 minutes. As a retailer, you can use these statistics to your advantage.  The OnSpot Social features both email and text automation. The app enables your sales representative to collect the customers’ contacts in a single place. You can, therefore, customize messages and send sales texts with a discount code or a coupon instantly. The feature also allows you to schedule your emails and texts so that you can target your audience at the right time with relevant information. The app simply makes it easier for you to optimize your customer engagement effortlessly.

5.  Digital signatures

OnSpot Social is amazing in every single way. The app features a digital signature to help you close deals in no time. The digital signature can be done online, no more printing or photocopying. The app simply makes it possible for you to upload an agreement into the OnSpot platform and send it to your intended client for signing. You will then be notified when the final copy hits your inbox. You can obtain a customer sign off from anywhere since the app works perfectly offline.

6.  Contests and games

Customers love to have a little fun. As a retailer, you have to come up with ways of creating an exceptional shopping experience for your customers.  The app features digital games and contests so that your customers are able to scratch and win various prizes in your retail store. OnSpot Social simply lets you set up fun events so that you can capture leads for future nurturing and generate brand awareness.

7.  Grow your social media following

Truth be said, it is not easy to keep track of all those business cards. OnSpot Social lets you scan the business cards at your retail store and automatically send the customer an email or text with your social media link.  The software makes it simple for you to gain real followers on social media.

Followers are the heartbeat of your business, real audience profiles can be used for content personalization, email segmentation and customer service. As if not enough, the app integrates with several customer relations management platforms so that you are to keep all your vital information in one place.

8.  Customizable and flexible

You will love the flexibility that comes with OnSpot Social retail app.  The app can simply be customized to suit your needs. You can decide on the look and even include your brand color and logo on the template you intend to use.


Best retail software managed efficiently with the OnSpot Social App
Best retail software managed efficiently with the OnSpot Social App


Last words

Retail mobile apps improve selling and shopping in several amazing ways. A retailer app uses the information from the CRM and personalizes offers for your customers hence creating an exceptional shopping experience. Additionally, the retail apps make it easier for any customer to get additional information about a product they intend to buy. As if not enough, the customer can pay without exhausting queues at the cashier.

As a retail business one of your main goals should be transforming shopping into a more relaxing and pleasant experience for all your customers. The best retail management app OnSpot Social will help you create an amazing shopping time for your clients.

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