What is a Retail App?

Let’s be real: retail business has evolved big time. From piles of inventories and cash registers to using a single device that allows retailers to sell the wares anywhere as they wish. Retailers can now actively run their shops at their fingertips. Use of mobile retail apps has enabled many to process payments for their stores and keep records safer than before. Finding the best retail app is your next decision and one that can catapult you forward or haunt you indefinitely.

A great online selling strategy paired with an excellent sale system is the first step in taking your business to the next level. Some retail applications are engineered towards helping shop owners extend functions so as to allow them to run their businesses effortlessly.

What is a retail app?

A retail app is simply a software that lets sellers and buyers transact their business online.

Apps for retail business are a gold mine when it comes to improving shopping. Shop owners are now able to obtain important information about clients so as lead them into purchasing. The apps also provide item price and reviews to customers and most importantly let them pay online minus the long store waiting. Retail apps come with a new shopping experience for both sellers and buyers.

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So, which retail apps are suitable for business owners on a daily basis? We have reviewed 7 best retail apps in the market to get you started because we know that you do not have time for making mistakes. Here are the best apps for retail business:

1. Shopify POS

Shopify, a point of sale app allows retailers to exchange products for money. This app lets you as retailers use your iPad for transactions; it enables you to accept cash, email receipts, credits and discounts. You will also be able to issue refunds and carry out your transactions easily. The app also includes a barcode scanner, receipt printer and cash drawer not forgetting a credit card reader.

With a Shopify plan, you will be able to use your dashboard to track down a number of orders and sales of a given day, week and month. As if not enough, you will be able to take photos of your products and add them to your online store easily.

2. MailChimp

MailChimp simply gives you an upper hand when it comes to designing and managing your team based campaigns for your retail business. The app comes in a nice drag and drop design that makes every move effortless. Its multiple templates and automated marketing features will make your campaigns specific and unique hence helping you fulfil your marketing goals sooner than later.

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MailChimp’s dashboard enables you to keep tabs with the market situation by allowing you to view your customer growth, campaign engagement and generated income. There are other fronts that you can connect your app to so as to track your income easily.  MailChimp is available in a wide range of devices

3. Xero

Xero is one of the best retail apps that will keep you current on your financial performance and cash flow. This app enables you to design invoices fast, upload receipts, automate orders exports, view your accounts and many more. This app allows importing PayPal, bank account and credit card straight to your dashboard so that you are able to work from a single place.  Xero is, without doubt, an excellent accounting app that also lets you engage with your customers and suppliers.

  • The app protects all your information in the cloud using internet encryption. You can rest assured that all is fine even when you lose your gadget.

4. RetailNext

What would you do with a detailed report on which sections of your business your customers love and which ones they don’t? To correlate your customer behavior as they shop, RetailNext comes with a video camera, a point of sale system, staffing system, calendar, payment cards, and WI-FI enabled device.  You can also use RetailNext to easily link your traffic and sales to an external event.

This is a must have retail app for any shop owner wishing to study their business traffic, customer real-time and more. It simply lets you have the vital information about your business so that you make shopping amazing for your customers and increase your profit margins significantly.

5. Deputy

Deputy is an employee scheduling app that gives the users an integrated staff management solutions. It comes with several prime features that make your life as a retail owner easier. Deputy handles all the critical part of running your business such as employee reporting,  scheduling and time management. You can also keep records of your employees and their payment reports. In short, the app helps you supervise business details such as staff replacements and adherence to business policies.

Deputy uses a facial detection technology for clocking in and out. It also makes it possible for you to use email, messaging and push notifications to update work schedules and remind staff about meetings and events. Also, Deputy lets you create and assign tasks to your staff effortlessly and sit waiting for a notification when the tasks are done!.

6. Magic Plan

Magic Plan is a clever retail app that helps you design your store to fit your needs. A store layout is an important aspect of your storefront.  Magic Plan lets create amazing floor plan by taking pictures of your choice.

This app allows you to plan your projects and view your space in 3D. You can also generate job estimates or furnish your space. The app also lets you add annotations, photos and any other attributes so as to make your store as professional as possible.  Magic Plan simply helps you beautify your retail space as much as possible.

7. OnSpot Social

In the world of retail, some software literally stands out from others in terms of deliverability and functionality. OnSpot Social is one such piece of software. From its creation, it has been tailored to deliver results that adapt to the various needs of today’s busy retailer.

The app allows you to attract the potential customer from the moment they enter your store with digital signage, all the way through to completing the sale and collecting their data, such as email addresses and contact information. But the beauty of this app doesn’t stop there, even before or after the sale you can communicate with the customer with coupons being sent to their mobile phone. How cool is that?

Best Retail App Software


Applications simply give your retail business an edge it needs to grow. From simplifying resource management to increase productivity, retail apps are a must for any shopowner dreaming of making their business a success in 2019. Irrespective of the nature of your business, a retail app can also be used to add value to your in house performance in a brick and mortar retail set up.

Whilst each of these forms of software has their merit, OnSpot Social has worked tirelessly for years in developing their software to deliver the features and benefits listed with the above products for a fraction of the price of comparative products. Check us out and see how well we stack up against known competitors.

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