Using Digital Signage At Airports

There is a new digital media experience created at LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal that entertains and engages people in the highly populated airport. Using digital signage at airports is a trend that a lot of airports are beginning to pick up. As David Saleme put it, “recent trends in airport terminal digital displays have demonstrated a renewed effort to break away from the standard Flight Information Displays and move toward those designed to increase passenger engagement.”

Digital signage is an important marketing tool that, if done effectively, can help gain the attention of potential customers, especially in highly populated areas such as airport terminals. The latest uptick in this relatively new trend of using digital signage at airports coincides nicely with OnSpot Social’s recent release of our Slideshows feature, which enables users to upload multiple images that rotate and display on the iPad. The new digital signage feature can be used for multiple purposes – whether it is to run ads on digital signage, promote important company information, announce on-going or upcoming  sales, or even promote new products and services, the OnSpot Social apps can now help you achieve this.

The benefits of digital signage for business are numerous when used appropriately. When talking about how LAX is using digital signage, David Saleme writes, “the content producers created stunning viewing experiences that are variously entertaining and informing, depending on the purpose of the content at any particular moment.” In an airport, people are always looking to kill time, and using this new form of digital media properly can truly give the observers a unique and alluring experience. What if you could use a digital sign to not only engage and attract customers, but also use it as a gateway to collecting new data? This is one of OnSpot Social’s objectives – to use digital signage to draw in your target audience, and then to ultimately entice them with an offer to collect their contact information, such as e-mail addresses and social media contacts.

Airport vendors and storefronts can use digital signs through OnSpot Social not only as a way to entice the thousands of people that walk by daily, but also to collect important data from existing and potential customers. “The objective of the installation is to enhance the passenger experience and turn the terminal into a spectacular and welcoming place to pass the time.” With OnSpot Social, it would be easy and effective to not only entertain the airport dwellers with a digital sign as a way to simply pass the time, but also attract these passengers to learn more about your company and create new relationships with these potential clients. The great thing about OnSpot Social is that it is not forced on the viewe r- it is up to them to engage and provide their contact information about themselves. Combining the interactive digital signage feature with this form of permission marketing leads to a smooth and engaging experience for the user.

Digital signage at airports is an important marketing technique in today’s technology-driven world and can certainly lead to great opportunities for companies to gain contact information and the trust of possible customers. Contact OnSpot Social today to set up a free trial and see what we’re all about!

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