Run Ads On Digital Signage In-Store

Is your business constantly looking for innovative ways to advertise your products and services? Traditional advertising normally has two primary goals, drive customers to your store and entice them to make a purchase. Some forms of advertising cost more than others. Some forms of advertising work better than others in terms of achieving one or both of these goals. In today’s world where consumers are bombarded with advertising messages from the time we go to sleep until the time we wake up, if you want to achieve your goals, it’s more important than ever that your ads cut through all of the advertising clutter that’s competing for attention from your target audience.

Run Ads On Digital Signage with An iPad to Cut Through the Advertising Clutter

When you walk into a retail location utilizing traditional in-store advertising, it usually takes the form of a poster on the wall or some sort of sign on a stand. For the most part, consumers seem to have tuned those sorts of signs out. Not only don’t they cut through the clutter, but they aren’t interactive. Consumers can’t engage with them to get more information. Traditional signs can have a call-to-action and surely there is some value there, but not that you can track. Digital Signage with OnSpot Social changes all of that.

Utilizing the Slideshows feature allows companies to run ads on digital signage with an iPad, and if consumers choose to, they can tap the screen to connect with the company on social media, email, or mobile. Slideshows allows companies to upload up to five custom images to rotate through on a timer when OnSpot Social is idle. Interactive slides running ads on the iPad captures consumers attention much more than traditional signage. People are drawn to the iPad. Having 5 slides allows companies to tell their stories more than a single poster. Lastly, and possibly most importantly, when consumers decide to use the connection features those actions are tracked and reported back to you so that you can determine the ROI for your ads. Pretty powerful stuff for marketers.

5 Different Types of Ads to Run On Digital Signage In-Store

Hopefully you’re starting to see the value in using an iPad to run ads on digital signage. Here are 5 different ad types that you should consider for your brand:

  • Product & Service-related Ads – Create 5 slides made up of product images and information. Running product related ads is a great way to advertise new products or re-energize existing products.
  • Special Deals & Sales Ads – Are you running a sale on a certain product or service? Perhaps you’re offering a special discount on all purchases. Run ads on digital signage in-store alerting shoppers of the specials savings opportunity.
  • Company Ads – Building your brand’s image takes time and repetition. Leveraging iPads in your store to run ads on digital signage can be a great way to educate consumers about your brand.
  • Holiday Ads – Is your company doing something exciting for an upcoming holiday? Like running a fun contest, having a sale, giving away free stuff? Create ads to promote your holiday activities.
  • Contest Ads – Contests and games are a great way to get consumers interested in your brand. Companies run contests online and offline all of the time. What better place to promote the contest, and possibly even have consumers sign-up for the contest right through OnSpot Social, than in your store?

These are only a few of the many different types of ads that your company can run with OnSpot Social. When you run ads on digital signage in your store you generate more awareness for the topics which those ads are promoting, you can get more information to your audience than a traditional sign or poster can, and you can track level of engagement when consumers decide to connect with your company on social media, email, or mobile through OnSpot Social.

What do you think about using the iPad for digital signage in-store? Will you run ads on digital signage at your store with OnSpot Social’s Slideshows? Please leave any comments below.