Use Your iPad As A Digital Sign with OnSpot Social Slideshows

We are so excited to announce the release of Slideshows, a new in-store marketing feature which will allow or customers use iPad as a digital sign. Using iPads for digital signage can help companies be much more engaging with their in-store advertisements. At this point, it’s pretty apparent to anyone who studies tablets, or anyone who uses an iPad on a regular basis, people are drawn to the iPad. I don’t know that anyone really knows exactly why this is, but it’s just the way it is. Innovative companies are taking advantage of this phenomenon by putting iPads in stores and using the iPad as a digital sign to educate and inform shoppers.

Knowing that companies were looking to use the iPad as a digital sign, we decided to expand on our animation feature to allow for our subscribers to have more control over the content being shown on the iPad.

What Is OnSpot Social Slideshows?

Slideshows is a new in-store advertising feature from OnSpot Social which allows companies to use an iPad as a digital sign at any location whereby that business is interacting with their customers and prospects. Traditional signage served its purpose, but in today’s world, companies need something that will cut through the clutter that engulfs consumers wherever they go. As mentioned above, iPads draw people in, so using an iPad as a digital sign is a great way to cut through that clutter.

OnSpot Social subscribers now have the ability to create up to 5 unique images which can then be uploaded into the OnSpot Social web admin, configured in a specific order and set up to display at specific time intervals, and ultimately be shown through the iPad when OnSpot Social is running and not being interacted with. Slideshows is a great way to capture a consumer’s attention and draw them to the iPad, to ultimately achieve your bigger goal, which is to get those consumers to Like your business on Facebook, give you their email address, mobile number, or other consumer-related data, and/or Follow your business on Twitter. On the way to achieving that goal though, businesses can now use Slideshows to advertise anything relevant about your business by using your iPad as a digital sign.

Uses for Digital Signage

Creative organizations can find almost endless uses for digital signage. Basically, anything that you would create a traditional sign for can now be used with digital signage. Not only that, but digital signage offers even more possibilities for customers. That said, here are a few ways you can use your iPad as a digital sign when running OnSpot Social Slideshows:

  • Announce upcoming events, new company initiatives, etc.
  • Advertise special promotions and sales
  • Spotlight new products and services
  • Show images of your products
  • Promote an “Employee of the Month” or even a “Customer of the Month” by showing an image of the individual (with permission only) and his/her name
  • Entice consumers to use OnSpot Social to connect with your business on social media, email, or via mobile opt-in
  • Run a contest
  • Show maps of your store, college campus, event booth configuration, sports arena, etc.
  • Show player bios (sports stadiums, college campuses, etc.)
  • Provide educational information about your business or components of your business (this works very well at museums and aquariums as they can have signs in the different areas providing information about those areas)
  • Display a holiday schedule showing hours of operation
  • Holiday greetings

As you’re reading this I’m sure you have 5 other things that you have thought of that aren’t on the list above. There are just so many unique ways to leverage digital signage for your business. There are also numerous benefits to businesses who are using an iPad as a digital sign.

Benefits of Using An iPad As A Digital Sign

There are numerous benefits to using an iPad as a digital sign. Here are the top 5 benefits as we see them to using digital signage in your store, an events, in sports stadiums, college campuses, etc.

  • Save money on printing costs for creating paper signs and/or those window stickers
  • Increase sales by announcing a special promotion or discount offer with OnSpot Social Slideshows
  • Much more engaging and eye catching, thus increasing the awareness of whatever you’re promoting on your digital sign
  • Ability to very quickly change or update your sign on the fly
  • Show multiple “signs” all in one place without taking up any additional space in your store as each image in the slideshow can show something specific

As you can see, using an iPad as a digital sign with OnSpot Social Slideshows can be a great way to inform and educate your customers and prospects at any physical location. The other great thing about this new feature is that it comes as part of all of our subscription packages. We are not charging anything extra for this new feature. If you’re already a subscriber to OnSpot Social, this is our way of saying thank you for being a loyal customer! If you are not yet a subscriber, hopefully this new feature shows you that as a company, we are dedicated to continually improving our application and coming up with new features to help you with your in-store marketing initiatives. We hope you’ll sign-up for OnSpot Social today.