Facebook Page QR Code For Your Business

A major obstacle with getting people to Like your business’s Facebook page is the fact that it’s difficult to find many businesses through the Facebook search feature.  The classic phrase “Find Us On Facebook” doesn’t imply finding the company will be a challenge or time consuming.  The truth of the matter is that it is challenging for many consumers,  and ultimately a number of them give up.

With the advent of QR code reader apps for smart phones, directing a consumer to any piece of online information became much easier.  Specifically, finding a Facebook Page can now be accomplished without any searching.  Typically, businesses first create a Facebook Page QR code with a QR Code generator.  This QR code is then printed on a flyer or poster that is displayed within a business.  Visitors can use a QR Code reader app installed on their smart phones  to scan the code.  Upon a successful scan, the visitor will be taken directly to the Facebook Page on their smart phone where they can Like it or comment on the wall.

OnSpot Social is an app that is designed for a business to run on their iPad and display at their physical location (trade show, restaurant, retail store, etc.)  Consumers can interact with the iPad app that Likes a Facebook Page while at a business. Customers are able to log-in and Like the business’s Facebook page right on the spot.  Also, there is a second option for consumers to email themselves a link to a business’s Facebook page.

A third option OnSpot Social offers is the ability for consumers to scan a Facebook Page QR code that is displayed right on the iPad setup in the business.  After setting up the app for a business’s Facebook Page, the app automatically generates a Facebook Page QR code.  Additionally, the app tracks how many visitors to the business actually scan the QR code and Like their Facebook Page.  This tracking will provide valuable insight into how effective their QR code marketing really is.