The 15 Best Mobile Sales Apps for Sales Reps

With so much information readily available, the buyer’s journey today incorporates an ever-growing combination of online research, in-person visits, and conversations over phone, text, and email. But information overload can also cause fatigue; in fact, a study by Corporate Insights revealed that nearly three-quarters of deals are awarded to the sales rep or company that shows value and insight the fastest. That means to outpace your competition, your sales team must be ready to provide prospects with the information they need on the spot. Fortunately, with the help of those little buzzing rectangular devices we all carry in our pockets, combined with the right mobile sales apps, this is easier than ever.

Whether you travel to meetings with prospective B2B clients, set up a company booth at industry events, or manage a retail location, having a few handy mobile sales apps on your phone will ensure you are prepared to guide prospects through every stage of the buyer’s journey–and close the sale.

Here are the 15 top apps for sales reps, listed by benefit.

Apps to Stay in Touch with the Central Sales Team


Slack has taken over offices nationwide, and for good reason. This app, which works on smartphones and desktops, keeps track of tasks related to a specific project and enables you to streamline communications about that project with the rest of your team. Slack offers chat, video, and phone capabilities, as well as file sharing. With the ability to integrate over 1500 other apps, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Salesforce, Slack incorporates multiple parts of your business into one platform.


All sales reps should have ready access to the company’s CRM. The Salesforce app, for example, comes free with your company’s Salesforce license and can be downloaded for Android or iOS. The Salesforce app is customizable and also has offline capabilities, so you will not be tethered to cell service or data if you need to update lead information in real time. If your company doesn’t use Salesforce or has a different CRM, download the corresponding app for similar benefits.

Apps to Gain Audience Insights


Tired of keeping track of all those business cards? Use FullContact as your digital Rolodex. Scan business cards into FullContact, and let the app automatically compile various insights about individuals, such as social media profiles, from around the web. Gaining a true audience profile that can be further used for segmentation, personalization, and customer service. FullContact also integrates with Gmail.


Preparing to meet with a prospective client? Look at their LinkedIn profile first for a refresher about their background and their career history. Have they published anything on the LinkedIn thought leadership blog that would be a good talking point or icebreaker? Did you go to the same school or spend time in the same city? The more you can personalize the interaction, the more likely the prospect is to view your pitch favorably.

Apps to Communicate with Prospects

OnSpot Social

It’s well-known that texting for business increases sales and that SMS engagement is higher than many other forms of outreach. For example, more than 4 out of 5 text messages are read within 5 minutes, while the open rate for emails is only 1 out of 4. The OnSpot Social app is the perfect sales tool for texting because it enables sales reps to collect customers’ phone numbers in one place, customize a message and URL, and send a sales text with a coupon, discount code, or relevant information to the target audience. If you want to capitalize on those critical customer moments, OnSpot Social is one of the top mobile sales apps for your toolkit.


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In an industry survey, HubSpot concluded that a third of buyers wanted to see a company’s product in action toward the beginning of the buyer’s journey. Buyers want a tangible understanding of their potential investment, and they want it as soon as possible. GoToMeeting is one of the top sales apps for virtual demonstrations, webinars, and conference calls with prospects. With GoToMeeting, you can host virtual meetings with audio or video, as well as screen-sharing capabilities and a chat room. Meetings can also be recorded and sent to participants afterwards for them to share internally with their teams.


Create or edit compelling sales presentations on-the-go with Keynote. The Keynote app works on iPads, iPhones, Mac, and PC and will sync edits from all of these devices. You can use preset templates or create your own. You can take photos, scan documents, or record audio with your iPhone. These can then include any of this media in the presentation. Keynote is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and enables real-time collaboration so multiple reps can work on the same presentation at one time without worrying about syncing edits.


Although not strictly used for sales, Grammarly is still one of the top apps for sales reps. Grammarly improves the quality of written communication by catching grammatical errors. Grammatical errors and misspellings can indicate a lack of attention to detail and therefore lose consumers’ trust. Grammarly can work with Microsoft Office products, added as a browser extension, or used in-app.

Apps to Keep You Organized

Doc Scan

When working with prospects who still prefer print materials, keeping their materials together after a meeting can be a challenge. With the Doc Scan app, you can take a picture of a document and have it automatically converted to JPEG or PDF–helping you to stay organized and easily share print materials with your team.


Having an in-person meeting with a prospect, but don’t want to be distracted by taking physical notes? Take an audio recording of that meeting or conference session using the QuickVoice app. Of course, always ask the prospect for permission to record between switching it on.

Apps to Track Travel and Expenses


If most of your prospective clients are located in urban areas, using a ridesharing app is often a better option than renting a car. Because all Uber and Lyft transactions are carried out digitally, it is easier to have an electronic trail of transportation expenses.


If you spend a lot of time travelling for business, hosting lunches with clients, or attending conferences, Expensify is essential. Rather than trying to hunt down receipts after a long trip, you can take a picture of them with the Expensify app. This will automatically generate an expense report. Managers can configure Expensify to automatically approve certain expenses, such as car services and tag others for management review and approval. Expensify offers next-day reimbursement, so you don’t have to hunt down your money. Expensify integrates with Quickbooks. Oracle, Workday, Uber, and more.


Formerly known as Sales Navigator, Mapview enables you to visualize different types of location data, such as local competitors or customers’ offices, on a map. Say you have three client visits in New York City. Mapview assists with route planning among the three clients, while also integrating calendar and contact information into the app. You can also import spreadsheets with contacts to see if you have a large number of leads within a given radius and should plan a visit there. Mapview integrates with Salesforce and Oracle.


If you are constantly hopping from city to another, TripIt compiles your travel itineraries and information into one place. After booking flights, accommodation, transfers, restaurant reservations, and more, forward confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com. The app will then create a master itinerary which you can reference on any device, online or offline. With the TripIt Pro plan, you can also receive flight alerts, track reward program points, and share your travel plans with others.

Apps to Close the Deal


Even after you’ve closed the deal…you still have to get the paperwork in order! HelloSign bills itself as “The Most Powerful Platform for Business Agreements” due to its seamless e-signature process that can be done entirely online–no printing, faxing, or scanning required. This top sales app integrates with Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox, and more. Upload a contract or other paperwork into the HelloSign platform and send it out for signature, up to 20 signatures at a time. Documents signed through HelloSign are legally binding and all parties receive a final copy of the signed agreement in their inbox.

mobile sales apps for sales reps

Mobile sales apps will not entirely replace desktops, your company server, or any face-to-face communication. However, they can ease customers’ pain points, improve sales reps’ daily activities, and provide valuable insight into your company and products in an efficient, convenient medium.

Which mobile sales apps are must-haves for your team? Let us know below.

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