Increase Sales Force Effectiveness with a Sales Tool for Texting Customers

Companies who employ a sales force, whether it’s boots on the ground or even telesales, need to allot a large portion of their overall sales & marketing budget to support the sales team. For many organizations, their sales force is by far their most expensive tactic. Unfortunately, over time many brands are starting to see diminishing returns from their sales force. Whether it’s a reduction in access to decision makers, increasing territory size, diminish support budgets, etc., sales leadership needs to find ways to make their reps more effective. Investing in technology solutions which amplify your sales team, and help extend conversations with customers can be a great place to start looking for answers. In this article we are going to dig into how a simple sales tool for texting customers can produce big results.

How Can I Make Sales Reps More Effective?

It’s a question that everyone in sales leadership positions asks themselves. Great sales leaders have winning strategies for building and managing effective sales teams. One set of winning strategies which was shared with me by a respected sales leader are as follows:

  1. Find great people
  2. Effectively train them
  3. Put the right support processes in place
  4. Enable reps with the right sales tools

From each of these four winning sales strategies a number of tactics can be executed on by sales leadership to create the right environment to cultivate sales force effectiveness.

When it comes to enabling sales reps with sales tools to help them be more efficient and effective, it’s all about finding the right sales tools for your sales team.

Why Enable Reps with a Sales Tool for Texting Customers?

Let’s face it, email is great, but Text is better for business. Email can easily get lost in a sea of email. Also, when you think about driving action “in the moment”, text seems more immediate and the “new text alert” experience is more in your face than email. You can “miss” an email, but how many times has a friend told you that they “missed your text”? Probably a few times, right? But what were you thinking in your head when you heard that excuse? It was probably something like “Yeah, OK, how do you miss a text”. The same goes when you’re in the moment with a customer or prospect. Text cuts through all of the BS and lands right smack dab on your target’s phone with a naturally disruptive alert which makes checking your texts so irresistible.  By putting a sales tool for texting customers in the hands of your sales reps, you will enable your reps to deliver much more value to their customers, ultimately landing more sales for the rep and your company.

3 Ways Sales Reps Can Use Text to Deliver Value to Customers

Are your sales reps not getting enough time with customers? Are customers demanding digital content on their terms? Do your reps have the ability to close sales on the spot? If the answer to one or more of these questions is ‘YES’, a sales tool for texting customers can help your sales force deliver more value to customers on Every. Single. Call. Here are 3 ways your reps can use Text to deliver the right message at the right moment to customers:

  1. sales tool for textingExtend sales calls by allowing reps to text critical product information, marketing materials, and product videos directly to a customer’s mobile phone. The customer can then easily access the content at a time that is convenient.
  2. Reps can text e-commerce links to their customers who can then place orders on the spot with their mobile phone.
  3. Forget spending ridiculous amounts of money on paid search and digital media to drive traffic to your CRM program. Sales reps can enroll customers in your CRM program on the spot through a text message delivered CRM enrollment form link.

Keeping Compliant with Rep-Delivered Text Messages

Compliance is critical, especially in highly regulated industries like finance and healthcare. Just like when email was first hitting the scene as a sales tool, brands absolutely cannot allow “homemade bread” with text messaging. The OnSpot Social experiential marketing platform allows brands to have full control over the copy of the text AND the content behind the URLs that go out with the texts. Reps simply collect their customers’ mobile number through OnSpot Social, select the content that they would like to send out from a pre-made list, and then hit ‘Submit’. The system will then send the text message to the customer based on all of the parameters previously configured by the brand. Based on customer feedback, it seems that this approach allows everyone to win.

  • Brands can enable reps with a sales tool for texting customers while ensuring reps stay complaint.
  • Reps get access to a new technology which can help them achieve their sales goals.
  • Customers get access to the content that they need, at the moment they need it, through a channel that they use every single day in their personal lives.

Sales leaders – are you currently enabling your reps with a sales tool for texting customers? If so, how effective has it been?

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If you’re a rep who’s been using a sales tool for texting customers, what’s working? What’s not?

Please share your comments below or ping us on any of our social channels.

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