It's Even Easier to Create Marketing Campaigns with the OnSpot Social Control Panel

OnSpot Social has recently released a major update to the online control panel to make it even easier to create marketing campaigns.  Below you’ll find a rundown of the changes and some great tips to help you navigate the new control panel experience.

Guided Setup Makes Creating Marketing Campaigns Easier

The control panel will now offer you a set of guided setup popups, so you can follow prompts that take you through set up, from creating your first profile to creating a campaign, and finally publishing it to the OnSpot Social app so that you can view your marketing campaign from your mobile device.  Once you create a new profile and publish your changes, the Guided Setup will disappear.   You can also use the HELP button, located in the top right corner of the control panel to turn off the Guided Setup.

Creating Your First Profile

A profile defines the setup for each iPad. This includes everything your customer sees and can do in the app. As an OnSpot Social customer you can create as many profiles as you need. Each Profile can run up to three unique campaigns. You can have different profiles for different use cases, such as, one profile that you use at events, another that you use in your stores, or even one for your sales reps to use when having sales conversations in the field.

When creating your profile, you’ll be able to:

  • Customize the Home Screen
  • Add Campaigns,
  • Configure  Digital Signage (if required based on your use case)

Customizing the OnSpot Social App Home Screen

Once you create a new Profile, you will use the land within the Home Screen tab of the Control Panel. To the left you will see an image of an iPad displaying a screen image – this is the Home Screen for your Profile. The Home Screen is the first screen that your customers will see. You are able to customize the following elements of the Home Screen:

  • Layout – Choose between two different layout options for your Home Screen
  • Message – Craft a header and sub-header message corresponding to the marketing Campaign(s) you plan to run with this Profile. You can customize the font size, style, and color with the different Message configuration options.
  • Background – Choose from one of the default background options to match with your brand style OR follow the instructions to create a custom background image which you can upload right into the Background area of the Home Screen tab. Custom backgrounds help to really make your marketing campaigns pop.
  • Logo – Upload your company or brand logo to your Home Screen.

Create Marketing Campaigns OnSpot Social

Turn On the Digital Sign System to Attract Customers

With the OnSpot Social digital sign system, you can also use the app as a digital sign when displaying the iPad in a kiosk. These dynamic signs can help you attract consumers to your marketing campaign running on the OnSpot Social app. Think of the digital sign system as a slideshow that rotates through different slides when the app is idle.  Through the Digital Signage tab in the Control Panel, you can upload a set of images that will rotate or you can choose to show the most recent images from your Instagram feed by integrating your Instagram account.  This is an optional feature, but one that is easy to turn on, and can create a WOW moment as customers pass by your digital sign.

We don’t recommend that everyone uses this feature. Only turn the digital sign system on if you need to attract people to your event booth or retail kiosk. If you have your employees or sales reps using the app and talking with leads, then the digital sign system isn’t needed.

Build Marketing Campaigns Using the Campaigns Tab in the Control Panel

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You can build marketing campaigns with OnSpot Social really quickly with the updated Control Panel. Campaigns can be built using the Campaigns tab. A Campaign is a sequence of screens your customer will see and interact with (ie. collect email addresses, survey responses, etc.). You can run up to three unique Campaigns within one Profile.

Marketing Campaign Builder OnSpot Social

Add a Campaign Button to the Home Screen

Campaigns are accessed by your customers through the Home Screen Campaign Button(s). These buttons act as starting points for the Campaign Screens you want your users to see and interact with.  Once the user taps that Campaign button, she’ll be taken through the Screens you’ve set up when creating your marketing campaign.  You can display up to 3 Campaign buttons, one associated with each Campaign you’re running as part of your Profile. Select from a stock set of Campaign buttons or follow the instructions to create a custom button.

Create a Marketing Campaign by Adding Screens Based On Your Marketing Objectives

To build your first marketing campaign with OnSpot Social, navigate to the Campaigns tab within the Control panel and click ‘Add Campaign’. This will take you to the Campaign Editor. There are several configuration tabs here, the first of which is SCREENS.

From the Available Screen section, simply click the ADD button on the Screen you want to add to your Campaign Sequence. These screens become the screens the user will see and interact with through the iPad app.  You can rearrange the Screens in your Sequence by dragging them to the position you’d like them to appear.   You can choose from several Screens such as email, phone number, address, first name, last name,  scratch-to-win contest, social media, etc. Select the Screens that align best with your marketing objectives.   Each time you ADD a Screen, you’ll then customize the settings for it by clicking the CONFIGURE button.

customize marketing campaigns onspot social

Configure Campaign Settings

The next tab in the Campaign Editor is SETTINGS.  In this tab, you can edit the campaign settings including the Campaign name, the start button, font, and images.  You can also edit and customize:

  • Disclaimer message – This message appears within the Campaign Screens on the iPad app and alerts end users that their information will not be shared or sold.
  • Thank you message – Customize your thank you message with copy, such as “Thank you for connecting with us!” OR upload a custom Thank You Message image. If you want to upload an image, simply follow the instructions which include the dimensions to export the image at.
  • Sounds effects – When an end user completes a Campaign you can choose to play a completion tone to help indicate that the user was successful.
  • Inactivity Timer – If you plan to leave the iPad unmanned in a kiosk, the inactivity timer is a good option to turn on. When an end user initiates a Campaign but then stops interacting with the Screens, the timer will display a countdown message and ask if the user needs more time. If the user doesn’t interact, the Campaign will reset back to the Home Screen.
  • Confetti option – Turn this on if you want to play a confetti animation after an end user successfully completes a Campaign.
  • Limit Usage option – This is a good option to turn on if you don’t want duplicate records in your data set. If you only want an end user to complete a Campaign one time, configure this option.

Send Automated Text Messages or Emails to Users Upon Campaign Completion

The third tab in the Campaign Editor is the AUTO RESPONDER tab.   Here, you’ll set up any automated messages that you want to deliver to end users after they complete a Campaign.  This section allows you to set up customized messages that will be auto-emailed and/or texted to your customers.  This feature can be configured with certain Screens, such as Multiple Choice, Scratch & Win, Phone Number, Email, and Photo Capture. If you add any of those Screens to your Campaign Sequence then they will appear within the Auto Responder section. You can then choose to attach the Auto Responder to the Screen. For example, if you use Scratch & Win in your Campaign, you can use the AutoResponder to automatically text or email the prize that is unveiled by the user when playing the Scratch & Win game.

Transfer Data Collected with OnSpot Social to Your CRM or Email Marketing System

OnSpot Social is integrated with a number of email services providers and CRM systems. This tab allows you to easily configure your Campaign to automatically forward any data you collect with OnSpot Social to any of the integration partners, such as Constant Contact, Aweber, MailChimp, Salesforce, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: When configuring this section, you must already have an account set up with the chosen email marketing company AND you must have at least 1 list set up in that system so the data collected with OnSpot Social has somewhere to go.

Finalize Your Campaign

When you finish building your campaign, click the DONE button, at the top left of the screen.  This will pop you out of the Campaign Editor and back into to Profile Editing screen.   To apply the changes to your iPad, you must now click PUBLISH in the top right corner.

Publish Your Profile to the OnSpot Social App

The PUBLISH button is how you save all the changes and publish them to the app.  You must click this button for your Profile to be updated and available for you to view on your mobile device through the OnSpot Social app.

Download the OnSpot Social App

Once you click Publish, you can open the OnSpot Social app on your mobile device to view your changes. If you haven’t downloaded the OnSpot Social app, simply go to the app store to download OnSpot Social. When you open the app you can log in with the email address and password that you registered your account with. From there you will be able to access and launch your Profile in order to see and interact with your Campaign(s)

OnSpot Social Customer Support

OnSpot Social is here for you!  We offer Live Chat and email help as well as a new Knowledge Base you can access to look for answers to your questions.  If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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