6 Winning Event Promotion Secrets Revealed

How do I promote my event online? We all know that promoting an event can be a daunting task especially when you are trying to tackle all tasks at once.  The good news is that there are several event apps in the market to help you do the job within a short period. Even though, the sad reality is that quite a number of the event apps may not live up to their word and without a well- thought out event promotion strategy even the best of the apps may not work in your favour!

How do you make the most out of your event promotion strategies?  This guide reveals the most creative ways to promote an event online successfully. We also tell you why you need an event app for your business. Read on…

1. The power of social media

This is no brainer at all. You can bet that your audience spends quite some reasonable amount of their time on different social media platforms.  For an event host such as you, this is good news.  OnSpot Social event app will help you boost your social media following so that you can promote your event to a significant audience.

The app features QR codes which let you send your social media links via emails or texts instantly so that you can turn your audience into followers effortlessly.


Successful ways to promote my event online - OnSpot Social
Successful ways to promote my event online – OnSpot Social


2. Marketing automation

Events app is a breath of fresh air to any event hosting business. OnSpot, for example, enables you to schedule messages and send them directly to your attendees. Additionally, the app supports deep linking which means that you can embed a link to your event page on social media in your messages. The attendees are immediately directed to your event social media page where they can join the discussion or share with their followers thus helping you spread the word fast.

  • The app lets you schedule reminder emails and messages to ensure notifications are not forgotten in any way so that you as the event host can focus on other event tasks that cannot be automated.

With email automation, you can send instant messages to your attendees about the event venue change, change of schedules and much more thus helping you stay on top of your event management.

3. Personalize the experience

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You will agree that your followers are of different age and interests. How can you address this issue?  OnSpot event app gives you the ability to personalize digital content for your attendees.  It features multiple screens that allow the attendees to choose the type of content they wish to receive from you.  Depending on the type of content you generate, you can be able to send photos, videos or blog posts to them.

The app also boasts several customizable email and text copies so that you can create an interesting call to action effortlessly. The app helps you stay focused on creating exceptional experiences for each of your attendees.



4. Use your attendees

Attendees are the most vital tool of an event promotion that is often overlooked. It does not take much of an effort to convince your attendees to spread a word about your event because they already love it enough to buy tickets!

  • Generate a unique hashtag that can be used by your attendees across all social media to promote the event.

It is your responsibility to make it easier for anyone on social media to share your event details with their followers. For example, OnSpot Social allows you to include your attendee’s profiles and enables them to share photos of the upcoming event with their social media followers. They can also add comments below the photos and share the event details with their friends and families in private.

In the long run, the app gives you the ability to track how many people successfully registered for your event. This will help you evaluate your marketing strategies and do better next time.

5. Run contests

I bet your attendees will love to get some giveaways from you.  OnSpot Social app enables you to run digital contests across several platforms where your attendee hang out. Contests allow you to give some prizes to anyone who signs up for your social media list as well as the event list.

You may also award the attendees that post the most interesting after event photos. You can announce their names on social media and give them some minutes of fame. This will help you attract a larger audience for your future events.

6. Feedback is a crucial

You cannot attain the event success you desire without optimizing on attendee engagement. OnSpot Social app boosts a survey feature that helps you stay connected with your attendees before, during and after the event. The app also lets you capture attendees’ feedback from any place thanks to its ability to work fine offline.   It is easy to gather feedback using the app’s multiple customizable templates that include ratings, rankings and much more.

To enhance your event, the app lets your attendees give immediate feedback to the presenters directly from the application through the live poll feature. This is one of the simplest and most interesting ways to keep attendee engagement ongoing.

Feedback, whether negative or positive, will help you make changes in how you handle different tasks related to organizing your event. It is therefore important to learn to embrace both negative and positive feedback; it can make or break your business.


For any business that aims at standing out from the competition and making impressive sales, event promotion is not a choice! There are several ways to market your event online from the evidence above. Even though, more efforts should be put towards personalization and targeting because that is the only way to make your audience fall in love with your events over and over.

Event apps such as the spot social discussed above will give no room for failure when it comes to getting the most of out any event. All in all, it is vital to focus on creating content that is almost impossible to resist.  It is perfectly fine to reach out to your speakers, sponsors and other people of your team to seek other ideas on how to successfully market your event online.  Take advantage of their wide network to make an impact on your business and increase your return on investment each time you host an event.

We believe the above secrets of event promotion will help you create an event strategy that works for you.

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