6 Advantages of Using a Trade Show iPad Kiosk at Events

Marketing is taking a new shape each day, that’s why it is no longer strange to walk into a retail store and see an iPad on a stand. Several businesses have realized the power of using an iPad kiosk during trade shows.


Set up a trade show ipad kiosk to collect customer data - OnSpot Social
Set up a trade show ipad kiosk to collect customer data – OnSpot Social

We have discussed the benefits of using the iPad kiosk at trade show events and how to use it with the world’s leading event app OnSpot Social.

What is an iPad kiosk?

An iPad kiosk is an iPad contained in an enclosure or in an iPad stand. The iPad kiosk is mainly to help business owners to secure their pads during trade shows so that clients and prospects can interact with the iPad as they pass by. Here are the benefits of using an iPad kiosk at trade shows:

1.   Easy data collection

One of the main agendas of a trade show is to collect leads for nurturing. An iPad kiosk makes it possible for you to attract as many prospects as possible.   With on spot social app, you can have your visitors put their name and email into the iPad.  After the show, log into the app and download all the email addresses captured.  The fact that the app works well offline makes it easier and convenient for you to collect data even in the most remote areas of the world.

2. Build a social presence

OnSpot Social gives you the ability to capture leads and convert them into online followers instantly. The app lets customers scan a QR code, text or email themselves a link to your social media pages. Even better, OnSpot Social app makes it possible for you to display your Instagram feed as digital signage.

3.   Increases customer engagement

An iPad kiosk leads to increased traffic to your booth, everyone loves iPad, and this will give you a golden chance to meet your audience. Trade shows are a great place to meet new customers and connect with old ones. Even though customer engagement can be easily done via email and texting, trade shows provide a firm ground to gather feedback from your audience about your products and services.

  • Trade shows also give rise to new business opportunities; clients can make bulk orders, share ideas and build a business relationship with you.
  • OnSpot Social app lets you create an unforgettable experience for your customers by making it possible for you to set up a slide show or a photo billboard at your booth.
  • Make use of the app’s contest and games feature to entertain your visitors. Your prospects can win prizes by a simple scratch and win a game as the app randomly selects winners and texts them their prizes instantly thus increasing their excitements.

OnSpot also lets you make videos of your products and services and display it on the iPad kiosk screen. You can then connect to a larger screen to create a memorable experience for all your booth visitors.

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An iPad kiosk helps you design the right exhibition stand for the right audience. This will in return enable you to attract your targeted audience to scale your brand to greater heights.

4.   Portable

An iPad kiosk stand is without a doubt easy to carry around and install.   It will create a sleek appearance at your booth making it easier for you to attract more leads at the trade shows. The stand protects your tablet and makes it accessible for your visitors at the same time. The stand makes it possible for your visitors to view the iPad in landscape and portrait.

An iPad kiosk can be moved from one corner of the trade show to another.  All the iPad kiosk stand are lightweight making portability easy. You can even carry the stand in your bag without feeling like you are carrying a piece of extra baggage.

5.   Accessible

Best way to capture attention at a trade show? Setting up an iPad kiosk is, without doubt, one of the best ways to stay accessible to your customers and prospects.  An iPad kiosk can be seen by almost everyone at the trade show. Your customers and clients passing by can stop at your booth and connect with your brand.  After all,  the reason for exhibiting is to get noticed by as many leads as possible so that you can meet and connect with people.

6.   Go paperless

An iPad kiosk will save you the headache of carrying a notebook and a pen to the trade show events. IPad kiosks will help you cut down on all printing costs that your business has been incurring.  OnSpot Social app will help you collect your customer information, save orders and present product information without having to worry about charts and diaries.


As a business owner, you already know that trade shows are not cheap. It is therefore paramount that you get value for your money by collecting leads and engaging with your clients.  An iPad kiosk lets you intrigue your customers from the start. Presenting your services and products in an attractive iPad enclosure streamlines your data collection and helps you achieve your sales targets effortlessly.

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