Realtors Use iPads to Collect Feedback On Property Showings

These days, every business on the planet is considering ways to use iPads for marketing, sales, and data collection. Savvy realtors use iPads in a number of different ways to help them, help their customers buy and sell homes. From running ads in iPads apps to collecting feedback during property showings, realtors realize the power that tablets like the iPad can offer.

Collecting Feedback With An iPad At Property Showings

After the housing crises a few years ago, homes are sitting on the market longer and longer. This trend is troubling for both realtors and people trying to sell their house. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a convenient way to collect feedback about your property from buyers who visit your property? Collecting feedback from buyers is a great way to find out what people like and dislike about a property. After a few people fill out the feedback form, trends in the data can be analyzed. Realtors can then bring that information to their clients and make recommendations on what should be improved in order to sell the home more quickly. Nowadays sellers are a bit hesitant to listen to their agent when they recommend things like making improvements or lowering the price. However, if a realtor uses iPads to collect buyer feedback, you can present hard data coming directly from the target audience to your client. Sellers can’t really argue with that. Pretty powerful stuff, right?!

How Can Realtors Use iPads to Collect Buyer Feedback?

Normally, in a real estate transaction there is a buyer agent and seller agent. The buyer’s agent doesn’t really have a lot of incentive to get their client to fill out a feedback form, but the seller’s agent definitely does. Seller agents always know when a home is being showed. A good realtor will come by the property either before or during the showing so that he can ensure the property shows well. Here are a few ways realtors use iPads to collect buyer feedback during property showings:

  • Be present during the showing and ask the buyer to do you a favor and fill out a short (3-6 questions) feedback form on the iPad
  • Leave an iPad in a secure kiosk at the property with a note asking the buyer to fill out the feedback form on the iPad
  • Offer the buyer something in exchange for taking their time to provide feedback on the property, such as a $10 gift card
  • Call the buyer’s agent beforehand and ask him to do you a favor and get his buyer to give feedback on the iPad, while offering to return the favor at some point in the future when their roles are reversed, as many realtors in a local area know each other.

There are a number of ways realtors use iPads to collect data from prospective buyers during property showings. That feedback can go a long way to helping your clients sell their house quicker than they would without having that direct buyer feedback. What do you think realtors? Will you use an iPad to collect buyer feedback at your next property showing? Please let your comments below.