Attract More People to Your Trade Show Booth By Setting Up iPad Kiosks

Trade Shows and Conventions can be great marketing channels for both B2B and B2C businesses. Purchasing booth space at the top trade shows within your industry basically guarantees that your product or service will be seen by thousands of high quality prospects. That said, the goal for any business who purchases booth space at a trade show is not to generate awareness, rather it is converting those high quality prospects into high quality leads. Capturing leads at trade shows can be a challenge, as you’re competing for attention against hundreds of other companies. Trade Show Marketing doesn’t have to be as hard. In fact, after you’re finished implementing what you read in this article, you will be capturing more high quality leads than EVERY SINGLE ONE of the other companies attending.

Using iPads In Trade Show Booths Attracts More Consumers

At this point, stealing a line from one of my favorite movies, “it’s a scientific fact” that using iPads in your trade show booth will actually draw more consumers to your booth as they pass by. Seriously though, there is something about the iPad that captures peoples’ attention. They simply want to hold it, engage with it, and see what information you have running on it. After attending a number of trade shows and talking with our customers who purchased OnSpot Social for use at trade shows we can tell you that the companies who use iPads coupled with iPad Kiosks in their trade show booths actually attract more consumers than their competitors. Simply take a look at one of the reviews we received from OnSpot Social and that should tell you all that you need to know if you’re on the fence about setting up an iPad at your next trade show.

Collect More Leads At Your Next Trade Show with iPad + OnSpot Social

If the iPad attracts consumers to your booth that’s great, but you still need the other piece to the puzzle which is a tool that allows you to collect leads on the iPad. OnSpot Social allows anyone to convert their iPad into a lead capture tool. Throw away the pen and pad of paper. I mean seriously, don’t you just love after a long trade show coming home to decipher hundreds of sloppy hand-written contact information and then entering it into the computer? All of that fun work that you just love to do goes away when you use OnSpot Social & iPad to capture your leads at trade shows.

iPads help you attract consumers to your trade show booth and OnSpot Social helps you convert them into high quality leads. Rinse and repeat throughout the day and you will leave your next trade show with many times more leads than you normally collect with that old pen and paper routine. We hope you will consider using OnSpot Social at your next trade show. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about using the application. Subscriptions can be purchased right from our website. You will be up and running literally minutes after purchasing OnSpot Social.