Your Perfect Mobile Event App to Increase Engagement

Attendee experience is the only key to the success of your events. Besides realizing your business goals, you should focus on ensuring that your attendees are having the best experience ever. No matter the type of event you wish to host, attendee engagement is the number one definer of the attendee experience and capitalizing on this with the right mobile event app is essential.

There are several offline marketing ideas for events that work.  The good news is that event apps help you incorporate technology into your events so that you achieve the level of attendee engagement that you desire. Truth is, you are missing out if your events are not making use of technology engage attendees.


Promoting your event on social media with the OnSpot Social App
Promoting your event on social media with the OnSpot Social App


Here is why recommend OnSpot Social event app to increase your engagement:

1.   Social integrations

Attendee engagement on social media not only creates buzz around your event but also drives engagement effortlessly. OnSpot Social app seamlessly integrates with attendees social networks enabling them to easily post, snap the event or tweet about it instantly.

Promoting your event on social media is simple since the attendees can see what others are saying about the event and share their experiences. Social media integrations simply encourage conversations and give valuable insights to your organizations.

  • Your attendees will be excited to get the app’s paired social media displays into action.

2.   Real-time updates and reminders

OnSpot Social boosts push notification feature that allows you to send vital updates to attendees’ home screens even when they are not online. To find a balance  between too  many and enough   push notifications, measure your engagement and mark it against frequency, this will help you determine the frequency at which the engagement starts to drop off

3.   Automated emails and text messages

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You will always have a lot on your plate as an event planner. We all know that there are so many details that are banked into hosting a successful event. OnSpot Social is your saviour, with the automated messages and emails you can now save yourself the hassle of writing and uploading messages into a system and later on sending them to your contacts.

  • OnSpot lets you send the messages automatically each time a new attendee signs up for your event, how amazing!

4.   Personalized attendee opportunities

Research has shown that more than half of the event attendees have a strong interest in networking. For this reason, OnSpot Social app boosts robust networking feature so that your event attendee can make connections and book meetings before the actual event.

Another great way to encourage attendee engagement at tradeshows, exhibitions or events is to create an area where they can enjoy a drink so that they can rest and connect with like-minded people.

  • The app also enables your attendees to swap contact details instantly thus optimizing engagement seamlessly.

5.   Games and contests

Do not assume that the attendees will be busy networking and attending different sessions. To encourage participants, use your app to increase excitement during your events.

Games and contests can build excitement and get people to engage freely. OnSpot Social app boosts a scratch and wins the game that the attendees that play and have you send the winner a prize.


Use the OnSpot Social app for your offline marketing ideas for events
Use the OnSpot Social app for your offline marketing ideas for events


6.   Customizable attendee experience

We all love freedom, freedom to what we can listen to and what not to! With OnSpot app, attendees can select their favorite sessions and custom their schedule thus putting themselves in control of their event experience. The attendees can take instantly check out their schedule on the app and focus on the ongoing event.

7.   Real-time feedback

Looking for your event feedback while it is still fresh? Events are a great source of content. Remember what your attendee liked or didn’t like is never fresh in their minds days post the event. Use the social app to capture negative feedback so that you can send your team member to the attendees in real-time.

OnSpot Social simply lets your attendees submit reviews and ratings as they experience them since they can recall details. This feature allows you to get better insights into your event.

8.   After event engagement

Is your event over? Not yet. Social media is the best platform in drawing up excitement for your event both the ended event and of course the future events. You can now use your event content to create blog posts and write case studies or even publish white papers for your followers and attendees to engage with. This also creates new conversations with your attendees and also other people from online communities who may come to your future events.

  • As part of the after-event, engagements invite your attendees to give reviews on your blog and include them in the testimonials.
  • You can publish event photos and even discuss into details the products and services promoted at the event so that you can stimulate questions from your followers.

How about a thank you message to every individual who honored the event by attending? Yes,  people love appreciation. You are likely to keep conversations going on your social media platforms thus increasing your brand visibility big time.

Your attendees spared their precious time to attend your event, how about you give them something of actual value?  The gift can be a simple as a discount code. You may also think of something tangible such as a thank you card or a book. You can also send an email or text message with a thank you message just after the event. The ideas are endless; the idea here is to show your attendees that you value them and would love to host them again

It’s your turn

Hosting successful events is a major asset to your business.  Planning events is time-consuming and exhausting. It simply means sleepless nights, disappointments and confusion. However, a mobile event app streamlines the events surrounding planning, customer engagement and many more thus giving you and your team ample time to focus on other things. OnSpot Social, for example, helps you stay relaxed and enables your attendees to focus on having a good time, meeting great people and building stronger bonds with your brand. That is event success!


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