Leads Captured In-Store Are High Quality

I (Ryan Taft, Partner at OnSpot Social) also own and operate a Social Media Marketing Agency and one of the things that I always try to stress to my clients is the difference between collecting high quality leads and low quality leads. In my opinion, everything you do for your business should be all about quality. From creating high quality products and services, to hiring quality individuals to run your business, and even down to the types of leads you try to capture with your marketing programs. When your business puts a focus on quality, you position yourself for success. So with that being said, one of the biggest benefits to running an in-store marketing campaign as part of your overall marketing strategy is the quality of the leads that you will capture.

When you capture leads in your store, at an event, in your dentist office, etc. you’re collecting information from consumers who you know are interested in your business. How do you know that? You know you’re capturing high quality leads through in-store marketing campaigns because everyone who provides you with their information has taken time to come to your physical location. You are capturing these leads at a time that I call “peak interest” in regard to a consumers’ consumption cycle. There is no better time to make a sale or capture a lead then when you are face-to-face with a prospective customer/lead. At that moment your business, your products, your services, etc. are top of mind for the consumer. Armed with this knowledge, running high impact in-store marketing campaigns should be a high priority in your overall marketing plan.

In-Store Marketing with iPad

What was once difficult to do has now become infinitely easier. It used to be very difficult, time consuming, and even costly to run an effective in-store marketing campaign which generates digital leads. We all know that it is much easier and much more cost effective these days to communicate to your prospects and customers in a digital way. Until now, the ability to collect digital leads at a physical location has been inefficient. Say goodbye to the days of using paper and pen to collect email addresses. The introduction of iPads and other tablets is creating a new trend for in-store marketing.

Using an iPad in your store, at your dentist office, on your college campus, etc. to collect high quality leads in a digital format is the answer to one of the biggest challenges facing business owners who want to use online marketing to communicate with their leads. Business owners now have a tool that allows them to engage consumers with digital content while in-store, as well as, capture leads in a digital format.

Using OnSpot Social to Capture Leads with iPad

By now your wheels are probably spinning as you envision just how you can integrate the use of iPads in your business. At least I hope that’s the case. What you might be thinking is how exactly can I collect leads with iPad? I need an app for that, right? Yes, you do. The good news is that we have just the app that you need. Again, because of my work with clients through my marketing agency I, along with my partners, were able to identify a need in the marketplace. We created OnSpot Social to allow anyone who wants to build an online community to use the app for collecting Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and Email Addresses right through the iPad from anywhere.

Picture an iPad set up at your checkout counter. OnSpot Social is running and a message prompts your customers to Like your Facebook page. Maybe you are even willing to offer them a discount on their purchase or enter them into a contest if they complete this action. Over the course of days, weeks, and months can you imagine how many new QUALITY Facebook Likes you’re going to collect? Exactly! The integration of these new technologies is allowing business owners to capture high quality leads in high traffic areas for a relatively low cost structure. So far the customers who have been using OnSpot Social + iPad to collect high quality leads have done extremely well. You can too. Find out how it works and when you’re ready go ahead and purchase a subscription for OnSpot Social.