5 Creative Ways to Use Tablets for Holiday Marketing

Holidays, especially those that occur in late November through the beginning of the new year, are extremely important for many companies who sell consumer-related products and services. The revenue generated during the holiday months can sometimes equal the revenue generated throughout the rest of the year. It’s safe to say, having a solid plan for your holiday marketing campaigns is pretty important for your company. Over the past few years, I’ve been keeping an eye on how many companies are using tablets for marketing during the holidays. The numbers are increasing rapidly. Here are a few creative ways your business can use tablets for holiday marketing this year.

Using Tablets for Pictures with Santa

During our recent trip to the local mall to let our little one see Santa and get her picture taken, I was very happy to see iPads set up around the waiting area to allow parents to look at the different photo packages for sale, as well as, order their pictures once they were finished seeing Santa. It was a very easy process and it reduced wait times as families didn’t have to tie up additional staff to make their purchase.

Holiday Marketing Contests with Tablets

When companies use tablets, it allows them to bring all of the benefits of their digital marketing campaigns into a real world environment. Basically companies can create fun digital holiday contests and then use tablets to run those contests in their store, at their restaurant, on their campus, at an event, etc. where there will be numerous consumers interested in participating in that contest. Tablets can be an excellent tool for running engaging holiday contests in your store.

Turn Your Tablet into a Holiday Music Jukebox

I know it’s cool these days to complain about how early radio stations start playing holiday music, but let’s face it, the majority of us absolutely love this time of year. When we hear holiday music, we know the holidays are around the corner. Companies who have a location that consumers visit to shop for products, or get services performed, should find a holiday music channel on Pandora or download some classic holiday tunes from iTunes and play that music from tablets set up on-location. It will get consumers into the holiday spirit and I think you’ll notice that happy customers more often than not equal more sales!

Create Custom Products Using Tablets In-Store

More and more companies are building their own unique tablet apps. I’ve seen forward-thinking companies like Puma create apps which allow their customers to design their own custom products and order them right through tablets set up in Puma stores. As the costs for app development come down, businesses large and small will be able to build their own apps which allow consumers to customize their products, services, and experience with your company. This is a longer term project, but start pulling your ideas together during the holidays this year, and by next year you can have your app developed and ready to go for the holidays.

Collect Holiday Donations with Tablets

Although we sometimes lose sight of this, the holidays are about giving, rather than receiving. The holidays are a huge time of year for non-profits collecting donations. There are a lot of individuals and families around the world that can use help, especially during the holidays. Luckily, there are also a lot of great people out there who use the holidays as a time to give back to others. Non-profits should consider setting up tablet kiosks in places where large numbers of people gather, such as malls and sports stadiums, in order to collect donations with tablets. Using technologies like square, non-profits can easily set up donation kiosks to collect donations during the holidays.

Of course, in addition to all of those great holiday marketing ideas listed above, you can also collect customer information and social media connections by using OnSpot Social. The holidays are actually a great time to use an app for data collection, and to get more social media followers, because you will most likely see more than normal foot traffic in and around your location. That means more prospects will be visiting your company for the first time. The numbers show that more won’t buy than will during this holiday season. That doesn’t mean those prospects aren’t interested in your products or services, and quite honestly, they might be great future customers. That’s why it’s important to use OnSpot Social during the holidays.

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