Best Realtor App for iPad

The internet age has brought a whole new experience for home buyers and sellers. There are several online home value estimators that have become a must-have for anyone looking to buy or sell a home. If you happen to be a busy real estate agent in need of becoming more productive and efficient, there are quite a number of applications available to help you meet your goals. While there are several apps to choose from, our list of 6 stands out as the best realtor apps for iPad in the real estate business. Here is our detailed review of each of the best iPad apps for realtors in 2019:

1. Zillow

Zillow is not your ordinary iPad realtor app. Having been around for some time, Zillow tells clients about the past sale process, home value estimates and more. It allows homeowners to create an account and track the value of their homes over time and details into potential sale price in case they decide to sell.

Best Realtor App for iPad

Zillow also comes handy for those wishing to buy a home. The app simply lets them look at home prices by the location they filter. The app comes with powerful search features and filters so as to keep them abreast with the latest listings on every location.

In simple terms, Zillow gives you as a realtor an idea of what the seller and the buyer are looking at to set their expectations. This information will help you come up with a strategy on how to help them set proper or realistic expectations so as to make better offers.

The app is fast to deal with any accuracy issues brought to its attention by allowing homeowners to update and make necessary edits on their own, the information is then updated immediately.

Zillow offers other invaluable features to realtors such as a calculator and even real-time access to hidden properties. The app is amazing in every single way; you are not likely to go wrong with Zillow.

Features at a glance

  • Useful reports
  • Gives access to non- agent represented properties
  • For sellers and buyers
  • Accurate home value estimates

2. Dotloop

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Dotloop is undoubtedly one of the best iPad apps for realtors.  You will love how it turns your gadget into a productivity enhancer as you combine several projects and negotiations into one loop. It then allows you to negotiate prices, create forms and customize contracts as you proceed. As if not enough, dot loop enables you to sign documents electronically thus helping you take control of your transaction and have your vital reports all lopped in a single place.

 Features at a glance

  • Ability to sign electronically
  • Optimal task management.
  • Manage your transactions easily.
  • Access to vital reports
  • Available for both Android and iPhone

3. RedFin

Redfin doubles as a brokerage firm and an app. The app is super accurate when it comes to providing home value estates, perhaps more accurate than any other app in the market. It provides an ability to filter upcoming open houses for anyone who is actively searching for a home to buy.  It gives buyers a good idea of what you can expect for their money and what the houses look like.

RedFin’s 3-D walkthrough feature gives one the ability to see home for sale from inside and outside, all from behind the iPad. The app also gives information such as nearby schools, restaurants stores and many more. This information is useful for people moving into an unfamiliar location due to circumstances such as work transfers. It also includes a mortgage calculator on every single listing page.

Features at a glance

  • 3-D walkthrough feature allows you to have a proper view of the homes.
  • Accurate home value estimates
  • Useful reports such as neighborhood information
  • Optimal engagement with clients

4. ListingsPlus

Do you really need a notes app when you can document feedback, capture events, contacts and lias with clients all with a single app? ListingsPlus app gets real estate agents to easily log, track and report all their listing activities fast. The app comes with a private field feature so that you can keep your entire client’s personal information private. As if not enough, the app comes with an option to create your own events and a counter to track how many visitors view specific houses at a particular time.

  • This realtor app enables you to effortlessly share findings and listing information with your clients. You can also store your property access codes and make changes to your calendar appointments effortlessly.

 Features at a glance

  • Easy follow-ups with buyers
  • Collect and send feedback to clients in real time
  • Valuable reports
  • Free for the first two listings.

5. REclarity

REclearity is a video messaging app that will help you get work done even when you are in a hurry. This app gives you the ability to create photo -video messages that combine your voice with photos.  The app increases your efficiency by allowing you to tap on images, record and create a message instead of spending hours typing emails and attaching photos. Additionally, you will be able to share visuals on ongoing constructions,  damaged properties,  show unique features of each listing and many more.

  • The application comes with a pointer that lets you highlight details as you talk so as to make your presentation specific and more professional.

Features at a glance

  • Talk while you swap photos
  • Zoom feature for showing details as you speak
  • Sharable on any social media platform.
  • Live pointer to highlight specific unique features

6. OnSpot Social

It’s no surprise to see OnSpot Social in this list as they have been serving the real estate and realtor for some years.

Features at a glance

    • Display open house videos or other digital content about the open house
    • Ability to sign electronically
    • Collect and send feedback to clients in real time.
    • Sharable on any social media platform.
    • Optimal engagement with clients
    • Access to vital reports

 Because of its extensive feature set, this app exceeds the competition as one of, if not the best realtor app for iPad.

What is the Best Realtor App for iPad

Want anyone who’s visiting the open house to follow you on social media? Add one of OnSpot Social’s social media collection features, like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You can even use the auto text feature to text your social media links to home buyers while they are walking the open house. Have them connect with you before they finish their tour.

When talking data collection and home buyer engagement, OnSpot Social should be high on any list of the best realtor app for iPad.

Our final thoughts

While managing clients and their expectations are not easy. You can relax because the events of selling and buying a home have taken a new turn. From getting more than enough listings at your fingertips to being able to sign documents electronically, there is no doubt that there are several tools available to make your work easier. This way, you are able to concentrate on getting more people to buy, after all, more clients more money.

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