What Is The Best Real Estate App In 2019?

Real estate apps can no longer be ignored; these apps come with tons of functionalities such as expense tracking, lead generation, displaying digital information about open houses, signature capture, texting real estate sales materials and many more. These features are engineered towards simplifying your work as a realtor; so as to have you focus on more important aspects of your work such as engaging and persuading your clients to make a purchase.

There are more than enough realtor apps in the market today, but what is the best real estate app for today’s successful realtor? To effortlessly pick the best, you need to understand your business needs as well as consider your client’s interests. Luckily for you, We have handpicked 6 top apps for realtors that will help you stay focused, productive and organized in your business.

Best Real Estate App

1. Open Home Pro

This realtor app is for you if you are still using paper forms to capture your clients at open houses. Open house forms are time wasting and may not help your business unless implemented well. Open home pro is a form app that lets you manage your clients from an open house.

The app comes with a digital sign in sheet that enables you to get as much information from clients as you can. You can use this feature to:

  • Get information about clients’ budgets and home preferences
  • Ask clients about their mortgage status

Open home pro automatically sends follow- up emails to your clients thus enabling you to engage with your clients effortlessly. You can create a custom email template if you so wish so as to increase your chances of winning your potential customers. Amazingly, the app notifies you when the clients read your emails and click on the links; this allows you to know what interests them.

The app creates reports of every client and their feedbacks so that you are able to make calls professionally. Additionally Open Home Pro lets you access and export contact information of your clients from their website. You may export the app through your email since it doesn’t give you the ability to integrate it to any customer relationship manager (CRM) platform.

2. Cloze

It is not possible that you remember all your clients’ details from meetings. Cloze helps you not forget the clients’ important details which can make a big difference in your business. This relationship management app recalls every single information about each client you have discussions with.

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To get this information, the app tracks your business emails, calls, social media messages and your business profiles. It then systematically categorizes the data into simple clusters such as company, contacts and many more.

The app also reminds you to send out follow- up messages to potential customers you have previously had meetings with.  The app easily connects to any social media platform making it easier for you to share your listings with a larger audience.

  • Cloze’s security features let you access your data from any device at any time.

3. Contactually

Our list of top apps for realtors can never be complete without mentioning contactually. The developers understand that setting up a new tool is not a walk in the park. For this reason, the app can automatically synchronize all your contacts and call history from your email. It then divides this information into simple categories.

The app regularly reminds you to engage with your clients. It ensures that you follow up on your emails, messages and calls from your potential customers and clients through its dashboard. Amazingly, this app tracks your communications with each prospect, so you won’t have to worry about where to start the conversation at next time.

Contractually helps you assign tasks to your business team and synchronizes messages to your account.  Follow up reminders are usually done through push notifications. This app easily integrates with other real estate platforms, enabling you to optimize every single opportunity that comes your way.

4. HomeSnap

Homesnap is a realtor app that gives you the ability to connect to your clients fast and easily. Realtors can use Homesnap to engage with their clients so as to help them find perfect homes. Each client is connected to a realtor depending on their addresses and search criteria used.

The app’s in-app messaging feature lets you share your listings with potential clients even when they are not available on the app. The replies are shown on the app to make it easy for you to have proper communication from a single place.

  • You can count on Homesnap to provide listing details that interest your potential clients. It gives you access to high definition photos, property history and unique features and more.

The app also includes a 3D virtual tours feature to help you optimize every single opportunity you have. Virtual tours are paramount when it comes to helping your client make that final decision that will send you the bank. The tours simply help your potential customers have an idea of what the property looks like before visiting it.

  • Homesnap lets you filter between rental homes and properties for sale as well as receive push notifications for available listings and any other relevant market updates.

5. Realscout

Realscout is simply a collaborative home search app that lets you search for properties with your clients. This increases trust and enhances satisfaction thus opening new doors for referrals. The app allows you to view properties that your clients have interest in hence helping you understand your clients needs much better.

Using this app, you can message your clients directly and share listings that you think might be of interest to them. The customized email templates let you send out the new property listing to your potential customers. Its enhanced virtual features enable you to compare properties without having to visit. The app works perfectly well with several real estate tools to enhance your diversity.

6. OnSpot Social

This app stands out as one of the best real estate apps for realtors in many years. Boasting many features lacking in much mainstream software.

Use of digital signage to attract home buyers to the iPad while taking a tour of an open house. The best part is that it’ll work with or without an internet connection. Perfect for realtors in the field with access to no internet and allows the critical task of collecting data regardless of signal strength.

Want to know who’s visiting your open houses? How about turning those prospective buyers into your leads for future home buying or selling deals? Use the OnSpot Social app for lead generation by collecting prospective home buyers email addresses and contact information.

If home buyers need a reason to fill out the digital form, use the app to run a real estate contest. The pick-a-winner feature allows real estate agents to collect leads and with a click of a button pick a winner from those leads. Send the winner a small gift to help close the loop.

Once the home buyers contact information, like email address or mobile number has been collected, another great feature that excels above the competition is the ability to auto text and email information out to prospective buyers about the property listing. Real estate agents can text interested home buyers the property details before they even leave the property! With its custom keyboards which allow faster and easier input, it is proving a hit with realtors.


You simply can’t keep up with all that goes on in the real estate market. However, realtor apps are here to save you that headache. We hope that whichever app you choose from our list, helps you bring a breath of fresh air into your business.

Whilst each of these forms of software has their merit, OnSpot Social has worked tirelessly for years in developing their software to deliver the features and benefits listed with the above products for a fraction of the price of comparative products. Check us out and see how well we stack up against known competitors.

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