What is Best Lead Generation Software for Realtors?

Lead generation software at your disposal will keep your business thriving with minimal efforts. Even though the selling part of your business needs to be handled manually, the lead generating process can be automated to reduce workload, increase productivity and conversions.

What is a lead generation software?

Lead generation software is a program that helps businesses capture prospects’ (leads) information when they visit a website so as to build a database of their contacts with the aim of converting them into real customers. Here are the best 6 lead capturing software for real estate that will help you get the job done:

1. BoomTown

Boom Town is one of the best lead generation software for realtors looking to beat their competitors with a large detailed lead profile. BoomTown purely relies on pay per click ads to deliver leads with detailed data. The software also includes a predictive CRM that lets you know the best time to contact your leads.

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The software provides you with valuable data such as lead behavior over time and sales reports so as to help you see what needs to be done to convert them into customers and increase conversions.

This app will help you handle your leads with a bit of social and digital marketing. The software uses various platforms to create a lead funnel for you by properly taking control over ad campaigns and fetching interested leads data. It then uses it’s on- the – go app to nurture leads by optimizing communication. You will get access to lead information such as the social profile links and user behavior over time so that you are able to come up with good strategies on how to nurture your leads.

With the software’s email app and email drip campaigns, nurturing your leads is almost a walk in the park. This CRM system always keeps you connected to your leads. The software has one of the best training and support you can get in the market. It includes videos that cover a wide range of areas that are of interest to realtors. You will get customer support effortlessly anytime you reach out to the developers.

2. Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss is a versatile real estate customer relationship management software (CRM). The software enables you to respond faster to your clients’ queries through its automated system.  The tool simply lets you do so much in less time. You can set appointments with your prospects and assign leads to any of your agents effortlessly.

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Follow Up Boss lets you customize its flow and rules so as to assign leads to agents depending on location, price and many more.  The tool is fast in responding to the leads through a text or email. It also notifies various agents of the new lead via push notifications or texts and enables them to connect fast.

This CRM tool also sends reminders to realtors to make follow-ups with their leads and honor appointments with potential customers. The software lets you import your entire prospect contacts database to its account. This tool is amazing in every way; it simply lets you accomplish so much.

3. Squarespace

Squarespace is a lead generating and web design tool.  Squarespace’s lead generating features include several templates that are easily customizable to perfectly fit your needs. Its cover page feature is ideal for creating a landing page for attracting your leads.

The software comes with its own email marketing feature that is perfect for small businesses in need of an easy way to acquire leads. However, Squarespace also easily integrates with other email marketing tools so as to enable you to send information to your email marketing campaigns.  The form submissions are later on saved in google spreadsheet.

Squarespace has a 24 – hour customer support, you can relax knowing that in case of anything, help is a call away.

4. BoldLeads

Bold leads offer robust features that help you capture leads fast. Its new interesting technology offers you an integrated CRM, automated email, text messaging and split tested A/B seller lead generation landing pages. All these features enable you to instantly connect with your leads. The voicemail automation feature also lets you leave a short message for your prospects so that they call your right back at their best time.

BoldLeads includes autoresponders that automatically reach out to your lead in place of a real estate agent so as to share valuable information about what they need. Autoresponders are the best way to save time and hasten the sales cycle.

BoldLeads allows you to develop your own follow up funnels and integrate them with your preferred CRMs.  You can assign your leads to specific agents or create an automatic order for dispensing leads to agents.

This software features a Facebook advertising strategy that helps drive traffic from the Facebook platform to your landing pages. Its lead capture forms include irresistible lead magnets in return for their contact information. The software developers offer extensive training through various platforms and 24-hour customer care support.

5. Freshsales

One of the most recommended lead capturing tool for realtors is Freshsales who are aiming to upgrade their CRM with customer feedback. Freshsales is a CRM that allows realtors to generate and monitor leads from email marketing referrals or from their site by the use of web-to-lead forms.

The software allows you to run campaigns and sales, monitor your business deals and much more depending on what your business goals are.

Amazingly, Freshsales have the ability to analyze and score your visitors to decide the action to be taken. It then helps you generate and retain leads that you have in-depth knowledge about. You can then create marketing strategies to turn those specific leads into your customers.

6. OnSpot Social

The industry-leading email and lead collection app for realtors is OnSpot Social. You can increase engagement at real estate open houses and connect on a level that many pieces of software simply do not cater to. Some of its great features include:

  • Access and analyze data collected across all devices from a single web-based dashboard.
  • Option to export data to Microsoft Excel or forward to your email marketing software or CRM.

With a customizable dashboard to incorporate your real estate logo and branding, it can be tailored to your target audience. Easy to set up and able to work with and without Wi-fi allows it to leap over many other forms of lead generation software and still deliver when impeded by technology at remote locations and poorly serviced signal areas.

How to choose a real estate lead generation software

Here is a criterion to help you decide which lead generation software best fits your real estate business:

  1. Customization: The software you choose should be flexible enough in order to handle all your real estate activities effortlessly.
  2. Reporting abilities: Remember that software reporting capabilities have a major how you run your business. Choose a tool with a straightforward and comprehensive reporting ability.
  3. Steps of implementation: Some softwares may need you to train beforehand on how to use them. Others may need prior testing before actual operations. It is important to know the costs involved in the implementation process so as not to go above and beyond your budget.
  4. Cost: You may need to find an affordable tool with robust features. Each tool in the market comes with its own features and pricing. It is, therefore, important to take your time so that you know which software is best for you in terms of costs and functionality.
  5. Problem-solving power: Why are you buying the lead generation software in the first place? Your software should help you solve some problems such as tracking and keeping records of customer base, managing customer relationships, track your leads activity and so on. Ensure that the tool you are purchasing has the capability to solve your problems and perhaps simplify other activities in your business.
  6. Ease of use: It is important that you carry out research about which tool will easily fit into your existing sales and complement your marketing strategies. Your sales team should also find it easy to use on a daily basis if not regularly.

Last Words

Irrespective of the size of your business, lead generation is an important part of it. Each of the tools listed above has the potential to help you turn your website visitors into leads or generate more leads through other platforms such as social media.

Whilst each of these forms of software has their merit, OnSpot Social has worked tirelessly for years in developing their software to deliver the features and benefits listed with the above products for a fraction of the price of comparative products. Check us out and see how well we stack up against known competitors.

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