Top 10 Email Marketing Services for 2018

In today’s digital marketing world, the ability to send emails to your followers, fans and leads is a requirement. Whether you write a blog, launch a new service, or have the next great product that will set the world on fire – you want to be able to reach and motivate visitors after they have left your site.  Using one of the top email marketing services along with a quality subscriber list  will do this for you.

While there are a plethora of email marketing tools available, and the list seems to get longer by the day, the best platforms have tools that let your visitors sign up to your list right from your website.

Standard features typically include the ability to create different lists of subscribers, deliver lead emails to new subscribers, create auto-responder emails to be sent out at a predetermined time and basic reporting features.  Some platforms have more advanced tools that include customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows you to convert new leads into clients. Irrelevant of whether you need to build a list of subscribers or automate lead prospecting, there is an email-marketing platform to suit your needs.

Here, in no particular order, are the top 10 email marketing services for 2018:


1) Campaign Monitor

If you are looking for the ability to create some of the most beautiful email newsletters and campaigns found on the net, Campaign Monitor has a leg up on the competition. While “beautiful” is somewhat subjective, Campaign Monitor’s drag-and-drop email builder produces a visually pleasing newsletter.

Campaign Monitor’s Key Features and Benefits

● Ability to send automated, drip-fed newsletters and emails
● Drag-and-drop email builder
● Full library of eye-catching email templates
● Over 250 prebuilt plugins
● Comprehensive email engagement reporting


2) ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is designed to help increase your business via a sales-automation platform. ActiveCampaign’s CRM characteristics help both agencies and freelancers to manage their new leads. Among other features, an easy to navigate online dashboard allows you to create an automatic schedule for sending out emails to your contacts.

ActiveCampaign’s Key Features and Benefits

● An intuitive dashboard
● Sends newsletters and manages campaigns
● A Simple drag-and-drop email designer
● Marketing automation
● Full CRM tools
● Ability to create a customized sales process
● Provides detailed reporting
● Compatible with over 150 apps


3) AWeber

lead capture banner blog post

AWeber is one of the best-known email marketing services. Their newsletter management service allows for managing multiple email lists of different subscribers with as many automated email sequences as you need. Aweber’s level of automation lets you stay in contact with your list subscribers through a connected series of emails.

Aweber’s Key Features and Benefits

● Sending automated email sequences
● Creating multiple linked campaigns
● Ability to segment your email lists
● A library of email templates and images
● A drag-and-drop designer
● Detailed reporting features
● Mobile apps
● Social media integration


4) Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a well known and well rounded email marketing platform that can cover the needs of the majority of website owners. Constant Contact combines a full set of features with a highly intuitive dashboard, making this email service easy to use, yet powerful.

Constant Contact’s Key Features and Benefits

● Ample library of templates
● Drag-and-drop email template builder
● Advanced contact management tools
● Detailed analytics
● Full social media integration


5) ConvertKit

While ConvertKit is one of the newer email marketing services, it has already become a favorite tool for internet marketers looking for a simple and intuitive way of managing and growing their email lists. ConvertKit’s landing page feature allows you to promote a page by linking to an external source to capture leads.

ConvertKit’s Key Features and Benefits

● A landing page builder with predesigned templates
● Ability to easily create, edit and manage marketing sequence emails
● Segment emails list automatically
● Create multiple lead forms
● Responsive opt-in form builder
● Online webinars and workshops


6) GetResponse

The GetResponse platform makes it simple to generate responsive designs or to choose prebuilt templates from their library. This allows you to get far more creative with lead generation than a simple email opt-in form.

GetResponse’s Key Features and Benefits

● A landing page builder
● Webinars and webinar hosting solutions
● Large selection of email forms
● Comprehensive analytics
● RSS feed posts to email newsletters
● Automated trigger features
● Free 30 day trial


7) Drip

The Drip email marketing service is a step up from traditional platforms and provides extensive automated functions for the serious online marketer. Drip presents a lighter alternative to enterprise email marketing services such as Infusionsoft. For those looking for a low cost alternative, but who still want the ability to use advanced features, Drip could be for you.

Drip’s Key Features and Benefits

● Subscriber action tracking
● Automated subscribers list management
● Visual workflow builder
● An automated lead-evaluation generator
● An e-commerce platform and payment processing integration
● How-to videos
● Free three week trial


8) HubSpot

HubSpot goes well beyond traditional email marketing platform capability. This service is for marketers who want all the features to help generate more traffic, nurture connections and automate their email communications.  While this service is not cheap, for those running an agency or freelancers who want more, HubSpot may be a worthwhile investment.

HubSpot’s Key Features and Benefits

● Content analysis and other optimization tools
● Contact management and research
● Content scheduling
● Social media monitoring
● Comprehensive analytics with A/B testing
● Free 30 day trial


9) MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing services in the world. Their user interface is clean, intuitive and modern. A free entry-level plan can accommodate up to 2,000 subscribers and you can upgrade to a paid version as your list grows.

MailChimp’s Key Features and Benefits

● Library of fully customizable email templates
● Drag-and-drop email builder tool with a photo editor
● File manager
● Nice selection of email opt-in forms
● Integrates easily with CRM systems
● Detailed automation with paid plans
● Full open-rate analytics with A/B testing tools

mail-poet10) MailPoet

MailPoet is an attractive option for WordPress users. While this service will work with other web hosting platforms, MailPoet seems well suited for WordPress junkies. The free plugin allows you to manage all your email marketing easily from the WordPress dashboard. It provides access to all the basic features and subscriber data is stored in the WordPress database.

MailPoet’s Key Features and Benefits

● User-friendly WordPress based interface
● RSS to email and newsletter builder
● Autoresponder tool suite
● Comprehensive analytics
● 30 day refund policy

Remember, if you’re thinking of signing up for one of these email marketing services, OnSpot Social is integrated currently with iContact, AWeber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, Exact Target, and Sales Force to help make connecting the two systems easier. Get a free trial of OnSpot Social’s App here.