Tablets for Marketing, The Bridge Between Real World Activities And Digital Engagement

Tablets have been one of the most disruptive technologies to hit the marketplace in a long time. Released in 2010, Apple’s iPad started a revolution for businesses around the world. As we approach the 4 year anniversary of the release of the iPad, companies of all sizes are starting to invest heavily into using tablets for marketing on-location. Whether it’s at a storefront, restaurant, college campus, healthcare provider office, an event or trade show, etc. companies have had a light bulb go off in terms of the value that they can get out of using tablets for marketing. How is such value created? Great question. Tablets create said value because they allow marketers to create digital programs which they can run effectively and efficiently at a physical location where the company is established.

Prior to the release of Apple’s iPad, companies using digital marketing strategies were limited to creating programs that their target audience could interact with only when they were in front of a computer. Normally this interaction occurs when the consumer is at her house, office, etc. but NOT when the consumer was at the company’s store, event booth, etc. Think about that for a second…

Businesses of all shapes and sizes now have a tool that they can use to connect to the internet, run digital programs, and COLLECT DIGITAL DATA, all while the consumer is in their store, at their restaurant, etc. That consumer will NEVER be more interested in that company than when he is on-location at the business. And now businesses have an efficient way of getting all of the benefits out of a digital marketing program while the consumer is at peak interest in that business. Talk about a new way of increasing the conversion rate of consumer to customer…

Using Tablets for Marketing On-Location

Now that companies are beginning to use tablets for marketing on-location, there is more and more data coming out showing just how valuable these new on-location digital marketing strategies are for those organizations. This trend is continuing to build on itself because as more data comes out, more media reports on these interesting new marketing programs are being published, and more companies are jumping on board the trend. With online sales eating away at the profit margins of almost every company on the planet, brick-and-mortar businesses are looking for new ways to increase sales. Using tablets for marketing will increase sales for those businesses who decide to make the investment in tablets, and develop a creative tablet marketing strategy to use on-location.

What type of company do you work for or own? Can your organization benefit from using tablets for marketing? If so, hit us up! We can help answer your questions about how to get started using tablets for marketing on-location at your business.