The In-Store iPad Revolution is Here

Do you have an iPad in your store yet? Well, why not? The In-Store iPad Revolution is HERE!  iPad came out a few years ago and since then, more and more businesses are beginning to use iPad in their stores to engage customers. With that said, the number of businesses currently using iPads in-store is minimal. The trend is getting started and you have the opportunity to get in at the beginning. Show your customers just how innovative your business is, put an iPad in your store.

Examples of Businesses Using iPad in Their Store

In-Store iPad use is becoming more and more popular among business owners who are looking for innovative ways to engage customers in-store. Here’s how a few of those forward-thinking companies are using iPad in their store:

  • Lebron James put 45 iPads in his new retail boutique UNKNWN
  • Benefit Cosmetics is using iPad in-store to educates customers about in-store services and products through videos, reviews and comparisons
  • Stacked, a new burger chain restaurant in California, is using iPads on each table to let customers build their own burger
  • Puma is using iPads in-store to allow customers to design their own shoes
  • Apple sees the potential for in-store iPad use, they have created an app designed to answer customer questions in-store instead of having them leave the store to research online at home

Why Should I Use iPad in My Store?

Businesses should use iPad in-store to engage customers. I think you would agree, many customers dislike interacting with sales associates in-store, but many would be far more willing to interact with a much less intrusive iPad. You can use the iPad in so many different ways in order to engage your customers. Use iPad in your store to:

  • Educate customers on products, services, your industry, and business
  • Sell products and services
  • Customize products and services
  • Order products and services
  • Share information with friends online
  • Take a survey
  • Participate in a contest

Most importantly, use iPad in-store along with OnSpot Social to collect Facebook ‘Likes’, Twitter followers, and customer email addresses.

Use iPad to Collect Social Media Connections In-Store

OnSpot Social is the first iPad application to allow business owners to connect on social media and email with their customers in-store. Once you have your iPad display setup in your store you can use iPad for different applications. A big goal for almost all businesses these days is to collect Facebook ‘Likes’, Twitter followers, and customer e-mail addresses. Businesses realize that online marketing can save them money, allow them to build stronger relationships with current customers, attract new customers, and ultimately sell more products and services. Being on social media and having an e-mail marketing campaign is one giant step for businesses, but what almost always follows that step is a question. That question is some variation of these three questions: How do I get more people to Like my business on Facebook? How do I get more Twitter followers? How can we collect more customer email addresses? These three questions are easily answered by using iPad and OnSpot Social in your store.

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