Strengthen Your Customers' Personal Security With The OnSpot Social App

In recent years, it’s no secret that social media is one of today’s most effective marketing tools for businesses, both small and large. In fact, if your business is not yet using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or at least one major social network, you are certainly losing out on valuable connections that could take your business to the next level.

In the past, businesses would have to collect information from their consumers (usually email, phone number and/or home address) via pen and paper. Now, while this might have been an effective means of acquiring contact information for potential customers, people would still be hesitant providing their personal information, especially since there was no guarantee that their details would be safe from prying eyes.

For example, say you were at a trade show– in which your main priority would be to get as many emails, phone numbers and mailing information as possible– you probably had multiple clipboards, pens and paper. While this may have been an easy way to gather details about your potential customers, without having to go door-to-door, not too many people would be too excited to jot down their contact details in this manner, as there would be no way of stopping others from taking these details themselves.

So, the question now is this: How do you acquire new customers without risking their personal information? That’s where the OnSpot Social App comes in.

Ditch the pen and paper

OnSpot Social’s iPad application  gives businesses the opportunity to connect on social media and email with their customers in store, at trade shows or pretty much anywhere you want to take your business. Collecting Twitter followers, Facebook “likes” and customer emails has really never been easier. No longer will your in-store customers have to take their own personal time to physically write their contact information; now, they can simply “like” or follow you by submitting what they actually want to provide your business in a digital form.

You’ll likely never need a pen again, unless of course they ultimately end up purchasing something from your store and need to sign a receipt!

Protect your customers’ privacy

One of OnSpot Social’s biggest priorities is to protect the privacy of its users. In fact, once you add the application to your iPad, the app will automatically log the user out after they submit their information.

The retail industry is not the only one using this high-end software, however. In fact, a large percentage of OnSpot Social clients include doctors and dentists, who require the highest in security for their own patient’s details. It’s now more important than ever that you can provide your customers with the assurance they need that their information is safe from prying eyes.

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With the OnSpot Social app, you can have the best of both worlds– getting the “likes” and followers your business needs to thrive, and still be able to create in-person relationships. Download the OnSpot Social app for your business’ iPad today and find out where it can take you!