3 Ways Pioneer Marijuana Brands Capture Leads to Stake Their Claim

Purely from a spectators point of view, it’s been pretty incredible to watch the tidal wave that is the legal marijuana industry sweeping the US. According to 2017 article from Fortune siting findings from an Arcview Market Research report, legal marijuana sales hit $10 billion in 2017, a 33% jump in retail cannabis sales over 2016’s totals. As many have done previously, one can’t help but link this new green gold rush to previous bouts of gold fever in this country. Pioneer marijuana brands are rushing to capitalize, but first they need customers. The brands which find the right ways to capture high quality leads will begin to separate themselves. If marijuana brands capture leads, educate and engage those leads around their products and services, they will ultimately convert more leads into customers and brand evangelists than their competitors. It’ll be interesting to see which brands come out on top over time.

In this article we are going to dig into how the most successful marijuana brands capture leads anywhere with an iPad, then convert those leads into customers.

marijuana brands capture leads and collect email with an iPad

Marijuana Brands Capture Leads to GROW Sales

Crafting a strategic plan for capturing leads is the first key component to acquiring customers and ultimately generating sales. Many marijuana brands seem to be experimenting with different ways to capture leads. Any new business started today will grow up with mobile technology, pioneer marijuana brands are taking advantage of mobile to help find unique ways to capture leads.

Mobile allows marijuana brands to take an active role in the movement wherever their community of target customers is spending time. Forward thinking marijuana brands are joining their community, engaging them in conversations, and then using tools like the iPad and OnSpot Social to capture leads. These interactions are taking place everywhere, from events and trade shows, to in stores, and even during sales rep visits with doctors on the medical marijuana side of the house. The marijuana brands who are putting the right tools in the hands of their associates, pointing them in the direction of their target audience, and emphasizing the importance of the customer experience during those interactions, are going to be the brands that come out of the other end of the funnel as the leaders in what will then be a mega industry.

Marijuana Brands Capture Leads at Events and Trade Shows

The marijuana community goes hard at events and trade shows. Attending shows is probably the number one place for upstart marijuana brands to make their mark. Having a booth a key industry events is a great way to build your brand and capture leads. If a booth isn’t in the budget, simply using an iPad to capture leads as brand reps are meeting people during the event can be super effective. Marijuana related events and trade shows can be a great place for marijuana brands to capture leads, so it’s super critical make lead capture at events easy for staff. By using the iPad and OnSpot staff can quickly capture contact information and automatically sync it with the company CRM.

No more paper and pen contact forms. No more spending time deciphering someone’s poor handwriting. No more time spent entering contact data into your CRM. Pioneer marijuana brands are taking advantage of the tools like mobile and OnSpot Social to leapfrog competitors in filling the sales funnel at marijuana events and tradeshows.

Marijuana Brands Capture Leads In Stores and Clinics

Do you sell marijuana-related products? How about partnering with clinics to capture leads for your business? You can turn around and offer the same opportunity to the clinic owners as I’m sure they too are looking for creative ways to acquire more leads. Unless you employ a sales team, oftentimes brick-and-mortar locations are you most expensive asset. Why not use stores and clinics to capture more leads for your brand?

Partnerships Help Marijuana Brands Capture Leads In Stores and Clinics

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With the pioneer mindset that most marijuana brands have taken on, many are looking for creative opportunities to get their brand in front of the right audience. Cross promotion can be hugely effective, as well as, relatively inexpensive to get off the ground. Use brick-and-mortar real estate like stores and clinics to promote not only products and services sold by that company, but also help other marijuana brands with complimentary products capture leads in your stores (and have them do the same for you in their stores).

Medical Marijuana Brands Capture Leads During Sales Rep Visits with Doctors

When it comes to healthcare, sales reps are the number one tactic that healthcare brands use to capture leads, engage prospects, and drive sales. The medical marijuana trend is throwing all sorts of ripples through the healthcare industry, especially Big Pharma. That said, many of the marketers driving medical marijuana brands are familiar with how effective sales reps can be when provided the right products, messages, and tools.

It used to be that reps carried a bag full of printed materials for use in conversations with their customers, mostly doctors, nurses, etc. Now, the majority use iPads, and all of their sales materials are digital. If your reps already carry an iPad for use in engaging prospective customers about products and services, why not use OnSpot Social to start capturing contact information from your prospects while opting them into future marketing opportunities right there on the spot? With small teams and large territories, marijuana brand marketers are going to have to create supplemental opportunities to engage and educate prospects outside of face-to-face rep visits. By finding creative ways to capture leads during sales rep visits, marijuana brands can extend conversations, and ultimately convert more leads into customers.

Those pioneer marijuana brands who take advantage of one or more of these three opportunities will be the future stalwarts of what’s sure to become the next mega industry. Happy prospecting!