What is OnSpot Social?

OnSpot Social is the first iPad application that allows business owners to connect on social media and email with their customers in store. It’s time to get rid of those ugly signs and Facebook Window Clings that are currently being used by business owners to entice customers to connect with them on social media. No more do customers have to whip out their mobile phone, search for your business on Facebook or Twitter, and connect with you. OR heaven forbid, no more having to remember to search for your business the next time customers are on their laptop or desktop at home. Now, with OnSpot Social, your customers can follow you on Twitter, Like you on Facebook, and provide you with their e-mail address right there in your store! How is this possible you ask? Well it’s because of the coming iPad in Store Revolution.

iPad In-Store Revolution

iPad has changed the way we access information and communicate with friends, relatives, co-workers, and even our favorite businesses. This portable device, once thought of as merely the next great consumer product, is now slowly entering into one industry after the next. Hotels are using it to provide guests with relevant information about hotel services and the local community. Restaurants are using it as their menu. AND now, retail stores, auto dealerships, convention centers, and many others can use OnSpot Social and iPad at their physical location in order to collect social media connections and email addresses from their customers!

Think about it. When is a prospective customer thinking about your business the most? It’s when he/she is actually IN YOUR STORE. Yes, consumers think about businesses when they are other places, but the time where you have their most undivided attention is while they are right their in your store, dealership, convention booth, etc. Signs, window clings, banner ads, content marketing, it all works well (to a point) in helping businesses to collect social media connections and email addresses. Now we have the ultimate bridge between the online world and the real world, it’s a simple app that packs a lot of value for business owners, OnSpot Social.

OnSpot Social

Collecting more Twitter followers, more Facebook Likes, and more e-mail addresses is at the top of every business’s Marketing Goals list. Why is it so important? The bigger (and higher quality) your online community is, the more consumers you can sell to. Also, online marketing is essentially free, with some costs coming in the form of time spent performing social media marketing tasks and from software purchases. Either way, it’s much cheaper to talk with a prospective customer online than it is to engage in traditional advertising tactics. With all of this being said, building a larger, high quality, online community is easier said than done with the current toolset business owners have to work with. Mainly all online marketing activities up until now have been done online. OnSpot Social changes all of that. Business owners can now build a larger online community through their physical storefront. And talk about quality… You can’t get much higher quality social media connections than to be connected with the people who actually visit your store.

OnSpot Social can be downloaded from the App Store, set up on your iPad in minutes, and be collecting e-mail addresses, Facebook Likes, and Twitter followers almost instantly. The iPad can be set in a protective case with the OnSpot Social app running and be placed in either a kiosk in your store OR right up next to the register. Customers simply tap either the Facebook, Twitter, or Email icon to begin interacting with the app. The pop-up screen allows your customer to input his/her login information or email address. It’s that simple.

One other great feature about OnSpot Social is that you can even run discounts through the app so that you can entice customers to connect with your business. OnSpot Social is the first of its kind. A business tool running on the iPad which allows business owners to collect social media connections and e-mail addresses from their customers while they are in-store. Download OnSpot Social now and give it a try for free before making your subscription purchase. See for yourself just how much of a game-changer OnSpot Social really is.

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