How To Boost Your Sales With A Retailer App

Learning how to boost sales can be time consuming and exhausting. You might not even know where to begin! Fortunately, retailer apps are here to save you the headache.

An iPad in a retail environment is nothing new. Businesses are now taking advantage of the retail apps to get so much done within a short period thus helping them focus on their goals. Retail business tasks that were time-consuming such as writing receipts, accepting payments and more are now the responsibility of retail mobile apps.

The guessing game might land you in the arms of the wrong tool and because we value your business, we have reviewed the leading retail app OnSpot Social to help you get your retail business in order soon that later.


ipad in retail environment aided by the OnSpot Social App
ipad in retail environment aided by the OnSpot Social App


Here is how to boost your sales with a retail app:

1. Keep your customers informed.

Your customers are eager to see what services and products you come up with to meet their needs. It is for this reason that OnSpot social app boosts an emailing and text feature so that you can send product or service updates, offers and give information on new products on sale.

Research has shown that retail email open rate is quite impressive. Out of 5 emails send 1 is read within the first five minutes.  OnSpot Social comes with multiple email templates so that you can tailor your emails to your liking.

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The app lets you keep the conversations going; it doesn’t matter where you are!   You can easily access the contact log even when offline so that you can make calls and keep your customers informed at all times.

OnSpot Social app keeps track of all your chat history so that you can pick right from where you left.  The fact that the app can be supported by multiple devices makes it easier for you to answer messages anywhere, you won’t have to worry about pilling of messages in the office computer when you are away in the field; simply use your iPad to engage with your prospects and customers.

2. Customer engagement

Customers are now more than ever inclined towards businesses that continuously offer support. The open rate for email marketing is quite high no wonder email is one of the most useful tools for product and service marketing.

The email comes with a lot of conveniences; it can be opened and read at any time. OnSpot Social features email automation which lets you schedule your emails earlier enough so that your customers can receive them at their convenience.

Email can be easily brought up through a mobile phone making it easier for you to keep in touch with your customers from wherever they are.


Stimulate instore purchases with the improved open rate for email marketing via the OnSpot Social App
Stimulate instore purchases with the improved open rate for email marketing via the OnSpot Social App


3. Coupons and offers

Creating a coupon for all the products and services you have in your retail store can be quite tedious. With OnSpot Social, you can create several unique discount codes in no time so that you can send to your customers.

The app lets you manage your coupons as a one- time, unlimited or limited.

4. Create a More personalized experience

Customers face more options than they did years ago. For this reason, they are constantly after a more personalized experience. To be able to provide a more personalized experience you have to send out unique offers, content and other materials that are tailored towards individual preferences.

  • Creating a personalized experience helps you attain customer loyalty thus increasing your sales significantly. OnSpot Social keeps a record of your customer past activity so that you can learn their buying trends and come up with offers they can’t resist.
  • Remember the more data collected the better you will understand your customer behavior so that you can create offers that will drive sales fast.


Stimulate in-store purchases with the improved open rate for email marketing via the OnSpot Social App
Stimulate in-store purchases with the improved open rate for email marketing via the OnSpot Social App


5. Close your deals fast.

Speed is everything in this digital era.  Using a retail app such as OnSpot Social will help you shorten the checkout process and enable you to accept payments from multiple channels.

  • OnSpot Social simply eliminates the need for a cashier point in your store thus makes the purchase more personal.

6. Get feedback

Feedback is crucial for any business that aims at meeting the needs of its customers. Product or service reviews can trigger consumers into buying a product instantly. Research has also shown that about 85 per cent of online buyers read reviews before they can commit to buying. It is therefore important to encourage your customers to leave a review on your products or services that they have purchased.

Your website or social media platforms are the best platforms that your customers can use to review your business. The app boosts emoticons and 5-star ratings to let the users quickly determine their satisfaction levels as part of your continuous business surveys.

You can also collect the employee feedback or voice of a customer satisfaction rating right at your retail store. Your sales reps can collect product feedback after successful demonstrations during sales calls.

Using a retail app to boost your sales

Retail apps are invaluable. They simply do so much so that your hands are free for other tasks in your mobile, grocery or clothing retail store. Apart from promoting your business through push notifications and keeping your clients in the know, mobile retail apps give you an amazing ability to perform a marketing search so that you can find out which products and services interest them most. This in return helps you create personalized offers thus increasing sales rate.

Through retail apps, your customers can share your product and/ or services with their friends, family and social media followers thus helping you increase your brand visibility without much sweat.

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