How Do You Successfully carry out Event Marketing?

How do you get people to show up at your event when the date and venue are all set? There are so many ways to carry out event marketing including making use of apps such as OnSpot Social. One thing you have to understand is that you do not have to spend a fortune to make everything fall into place.

Learn tips and tricks of event marketing and how OnSpot Social helps thousands of businesses achieve their targets effortlessly. Read on….

1. Build the mood

Hashtags are powerful; they trend and set the mood in a very short time. It is your mandate as a business to light up your Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat platforms with exciting offers.

The live feature on some social media such as Facebook is a powerful tool to interact with your customers face to face.  Have clear details about your event and try as much as possible to answer all your followers’ questions during the live session.

event marketing at sports venues

2. Make use of social media

There are several social media platforms where your customers and prospects hang out. As a business owner make sure that your social media pages are detailed and active.  Do not shy away from using several of these media platforms, the end result is just amazing.

3. Send reminders

Email marketing is one aspect of marketing that any successful business can’t afford to ignore!  Fortunately, an event app such as OnSpot Social will automatically do the job for you. Additionally, ask your colleagues, family, and friends to help you spread the word about the event in their own emails. Here some few guidelines on how to write a killer  email post:

  • Write a catching headline that is short and precise to the point
  • Send out your emails during the weekends when most of your potential customers are less involved in other activities. This is a sure way of doubling or tripling your attendee
  • Make use of social proof. Show your email subscribers the kind of positive feedback you get from all over social media. It is a good way to give them a reason to attend your events.
  • Include registration discounts for those who register early enough.
  • Send the email a few more times than ordinary towards the due date of the event.

4.  Make an effort

There is definitely a greater majority of your customers and prospects not on social media. You need to have a print ad for such an audience.  Remember that even those that are on social media may not be able to see your ads for one reason or another. Seek for space in top local publications, it might be the only way to reach out to many more leads out there.

5. The power of SEO

lead capture banner blog post

Most people are making use of the internet to find out what events are taking place in their locality. Including some aspects of Search Engine Optimization in your blog posts or event, description will help you rank better in search engines hence reach a large audience.

There is always a misconception that SEO is an elephant in the house, that’s not true! All you need to do is learn some basics to help you get started. Learn about the kind of words people are keying in when searching for specific events.  Use those keywords and optimizing them for best results.

  • There are several keyword search tools that can help you understand what people are looking for in the events arena.

6. Be accessible

One big aspect of event marketing that most businesses tend to ignore is availing their tickets where their audience can readily find them.

There are several event marketing platforms that can help you sell out your tickets effortlessly. All you have to do is ensure that your event profile is complete and that it gives your audience an idea of your upcoming events.

Include a buy ticket widget on your blogs to enable your subscriber effortlessly register for the event. You may include a  discount code to attract more of your audience.

7. Make use of what you already have

When marketing your event, do not forget the power of your previous attendee. An already existing customer base will help you reach out to more people. As a business, make sure that each of your events is extraordinary in a way that most customers won’t forget to tag their friends and family along next time.

You can opt to host a promotion where your prospects are asked to make submission of videos or photos using a certain hashtag related to your upcoming event.  This is likely to keep the word going for a very long time, be sure to reward the winners with vouchers or tickets.

8. Be personal

Customers want to be engaged at all levels. Always create a sense of uniqueness that your audience won’t resist. Give your audience a reason to skip all events and come to yours. Always base your reach out to benefits that they will be reaping by attending your event.

event marketing with mobiles

Why OnSpot Social for your event marketing?

OnSpot Social is a must have for any business that aims at converting its prospects into future loyal clients. The following scenario will help you understand the power of using OnSpot Social to market your events:


Nutrition system for a very long time was looking for simple ways to increase their social media following and also convert their leads into future costumes


To bring success into the company’s marketing, Nutrition Systems felt challenged to use the best iPad event that there is OnSpot Social at their event booth

OnSpot provides excellent social media connection features which constantly allowed people at the events to provide them with contact information, thanks to the app’s social digital signage feature which is so appealing and attractive.

The end Results?

Nutrition System only held three events to test the Onspot app’s effectiveness. Amazingly, the app helped the business collect 15,674 prospects. 57% of these leads were facebook likes while the other 43% of them provided their personal information such as an address, mobile number and email addresses.


We hope that this article helped you come up with a powerful plan on how to market your events, use of the best event app in the market OnSpot Social app to make the process less tiresome and more deserving.

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