How Can I Email The Market For Free?

Building an email list from scratch may seem like a hard thing to do. For this reason, most businesses always fall into the trap of purchasing an email list to get them started. As a business, you have to understand that building your own email list from scratch is one of the best decisions you will ever make as a business.

An email list helps you engage with an audience that is already in contact with your business and is likely to buy. Without an email list, you will be shooting in the dark. In simple terms, any business without a proper marketing strategy is not likely to thrive in today’s competitive space


woman going through her email list | OnSpot Social
woman going through her email list | OnSpot Social

Is it possible to build an email list for free?

This article has highlighted several ways to build an email list for free so that you do not have to stress over budget.

1. Website

A website is a powerful tool that can help you build your email list fast. Even though, you will need to know how to build your email list for free using your website. Here are some effective ways to do that effortlessly:


High-quality content will automatically earn you loyal readers. People only visit your website when you are offering good content that is of value. Additionally, optimizing your website content will enable your site to show up on search engines such a google, bing and yahoo.

Make use of  lead magnets

lead capture banner blog post

Readers will always appreciate something valuable in exchange for their email information. Incentives do not have to be complicated, start with sending content upgrades to your list. You may use pop up forms or just a simple link embedded in your content.

Pop-up slide ins

A pop up can be intruding, make use of timed pop-up ads. These appear after a visitor has spent a considerable amount of time on your website. You may also include exit pop-ups that appear as your visitor tries to leave the site.

Make sure that you do not include pop-ups in your sales pages, they might interrupt a buying process. Pop-up ads should offer meaningful content or an impressive offer that your reader will find meaningful.

Sell your products

Upselling products is one of the simplest tricks that you can employ on your website to get readers into your email list. All you need is a simple call to action asking the reader to be notified when other products are released to the market.  You will then include your email opt-in form on the notify button.

Another way to build an e-mail list by selling your product is by giving the customers an option of emailing them their purchase receipts. It is a simple trick that will get you a good number of subscribers constantly.

Host a webinar

Webinars are another great way of growing your email list fast.  Let your attendees register for the webinar using their email information. This will help you grow the list and sell your products with time.

Webinars when made of value, will help you convert most of your traffic into subscribers.  You may also record your webinar and use it in the future as an opt-in incentive on your website.

Start a podcast

Most people listen to podcasts as they go around doing house chores or even driving to work. Take advantage of this fact and consider starting your own. Podcasts are known to target a larger audience that might never reach you through other channels.

Always include a strong call to action in your introduction and at the end of the recording. To make it even more effective, mention content upgrades or any other incentive that you would love to offer to subscribers.

Try guest posting

Guest posting should be on top of your list when you are looking to start list building from scratch. For this to work, you need to contribute high-quality valuable content to popular websites in your niche.

Include your blog email address on the author bio so as to get readers to subscribe to your email. This trick is effective in email building and also remains constant as long as your posts remain published.


email list communication | OnSpot Social
email list communication | OnSpot Social

2. Social media

Social media list building is easier than you probably think. As a business, you may already be having quite a number of social media followers.  There is no doubt that the majority of your customers and prospects hang out on several social platforms.

Pin your most important tweet on top of your feeds, add a strong call to action.  A pinned tweet will appear first when any person visits your profile thus giving you a chance to build an email list.

Instagram also allows you to run ads. Create a call to action on Instagram with a nice image attached to it. This is a great chance for list building as long as you continue creating and sharing good content on your feed.

You may also include a call to action on your facebook page. It is easy to add up to an email sign button on your page. Alternatively, you may want to create a subscriber page so that you attract specifically those interested in your products and services.

The OnSpot Social app helps you collect facebook likes through your tablet. The app also lets your customers instantly follow your business accounts across all social media platforms. The app even enables the customers to scan a QR code using their smartphones to follow your Instagram profiles. Its full-screen Instagram animation on the iPad will highly attract followers to your profiles.

3. Host an event

With event management apps such as OnSpot Social, you can capture emails addresses from any location even without being connected to the internet. The app collects unlimited emails and automatically transfers them to the customer relationship management system of your choice. OnSpot Social is able to capture customer information so that you are able to effortlessly make your customers your social media followers.

The app even lets you display your Instagram feed as digital signage so that you are able to optimize every chance you have to build your email list. The app has a format checking feature to make sure that the email address data you are collecting is accurate. Additionally, other contact information such as mobile numbers and links are also properly checked before submission.

The app is multilingual meaning that it can be easily configured to work in any language, so you do not have to worry when travelling across the world, you can still bring home several subscribers from your trip.

Final thoughts

As you can already see from the list above, email marketing doesn’t have to dig into your pockets.  Building an email list is one crucial aspect of your business you can’t afford to ignore. With a robust app such as OnSpot Social, your email building just got easier

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