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The event management apps come in all forms, they all promise some sort of success. How do you separate a great solution for your event from the sea of average ones? This article showcases an app that will save your time when managing attendee engagement, deadlines and more.


Know how to market your event in social media with the #1 event management app - OnSpot Social
Know how to market your event in social media with the #1 event management app – OnSpot Social


How to plan and execute the perfect event using OnSpot Social app

OnSpot Social is the leading event management app in the market for so many reasons.  It is the app for you if you have been wondering how to market your event in social media successfully. Read the tips of planning and executing the perfect event using OnSpot Social

1.   Brand your event

For the sake of uniformity, the theme that you chose for your event is vital. Your graphics should create instant recognition for your event which can be used for promotion purposes.

OnSpot Social comes with a campaign branding feature that lets you effortlessly add your logo, brand colors and more to your campaign screens.

2.   Create an Event community

If you can create a sense of community on time before your event kicks off, there is no doubt that your event shall be amazing in every way. An event management app such as OnSpot Social lets your attendee interact with each other and plan meets ups ahead of the event.

The app gives you a detailed analysis of how your attendees interact with each other so that you can better their experiences in the future.

3.   Real-time reminders

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Your event attendees are busy; yes it is a busy world. For this reason, it is only right to keep your audience updated on several aspects of your events. This should be done right before and during the actual event. OnSpot Social event management app lets you make real-time announcements so that your attendees are not inconvenienced in any way.

The app supports push messages so that your attendees are kept in the know about the upcoming deadlines. This feature saves you a lot of hassle and time; you will have all the time to perfect other aspects of the event.

4.   Email marketing

It is believed by almost half of the vent organizers that email is the best event marketing channel. OnSpot Social app developers understand this fact very well and for that reason, the app comes with seamless integration with third-party email marketing software of your choice. The app also boasts an automated email and text feature that triggers emails and messages from your device straight to the attendee mobile phones. This feature allows you to send URLs, PDF content and more so that your attendees can share with their social media followers, family and friends.

  • OnSpot Social app lets you segment your email list so that you can personalize each email you send for better attendee engagement.

5.   Create a modern website event

Yes, your event deserves a modern robust website. The best event website will include embedded widgets such as registration forms, sponsor list, event community labels and many more as per your event goals. The features above make it easier for you to create an event that is functional and unforgettable. OnSpot social lets you display branded videos on your website and a larger screen during your events so that you can attract prospects.

  • The human mind is programmed to process images before words and therefore adding images and videos to your website is the best way to attract visitors to sign up for your events.

6.   Social incentives

As an event organizer, you have to realize that your attendees are the greatest marketing asset at hand.  They have an upper hand when it comes to encouraging others to sign up for your event since they are already part of it. OnSpot Social being a social connection app lets you attendees share your event details with their followers on several social media platforms.  By doing this, your event gets promoted easily and your brand increases social media followers significantly.

7.   Attendee engagement

Your attendees need to find reason and meaning enough to turn up for your event. With OnSpot Social, you do not have to worry about how to engage your attendee. This is a digital era and the fact is your event attendees spend most of their time on social media. Because of OnSpot Social comes with social media integrations and one on one messaging features to help you keep the conversation going from wherever you are. Remember the app works fine offline so that you won’t have to worry about losing conversations at any given time.


Successful event marketing begins with the #1 event management app - OnSpot Social
Successful event marketing begins with the #1 event management app – OnSpot Social


8.   Live polls and event surveys

Live polling is another great way to engage with your attendees.  Understand that the event is created for them and that their opinions matter most. A live poll gives them a platform to make their views known to you. Live polling will make your attendees excited because of the endless anticipation it boosts.

Ask your audience what they think about the chosen event venue, speakers and more through OnSpot Social app. Questions like the ones mentioned will enable you to learn about your audience so that you can improve the event as per their opinions.

9.   Event check-in

Your attendees need to first check-in when they arrive at your event. Do not forget that this is the first impression they will have about your event. OnSpot Social app boosts digital signature and waivers so that you can have a fast paperless experience that your attendees will fall in love with.

 Final thoughts

Successful event marketing can be an uphill task. However, with the help of event management apps you are assured of getting the best of out every event you host. The event management apps are every event host’s best friend. The type of tool you choose will affect each aspect of your event including planning, attendee engagement and more. We believe OnSpot Social boasts all the great features to make your event a success each time.

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