Email Collection and Marketing for Musicians and Bands

Music is big business. As it continues to expand, musicians and bands must find new and engaging ways that they can gain fans and boost attendance. In a world where one band may have only a little chance at success, the worldwide web provides an ideal way to reach new and current fans. Email collection may seem like a minimal issue in marketing, but boosting your email will mean just that many more views on your page and that many more people reading about your latest updates. The presence of your band name in hundreds of inboxes cannot be ignored.

Here are a few tips to help increase the email collection for musicians and bands.

Your Brand, Your Name

Just like your music, your brand is precious to you. As a musician, your name or the band name is something close to your heart. The first lesson that is taught  in marketing is to create a name or a brand that is memorable. With an active email, even once a week or once a month, that brand is closer to the fans and reminds them of their experiences.


If you owned a regular business or establishment, you would post newsletters to alert your community about what the business was doing. Emails do the same. They tell fans when you’re in the area, let them know when you’ve reached new accomplishments, and show fans that you are active in growing your musical reach.

Event Promo Emails

One of the best ways to raise attendance at venues is to send event promo emails. Just a few emails a month can start raising attendance or awareness of your travels through circles and communities. These emails are an integral part of creating awareness for your brand. Word of mouth is becoming word of social media. As things get “shared” and passed around via free social media, you have vast potential in receiving huge boosts in awareness and attendance. Allowing sharing of your email gives your fans a chance to speak their voice and promote your music without great effort on your part. Your online presence is increasingly important.

Collecting Fan’s Email Addresses

Whether you have a signup sheet set up outside the auditorium or a guy walking around a bar with a notebook, getting those emails is crucial. People at your show are people who want your music. They are there listening to your music. They have firsthand knowledge and interest in your band and its potential. Although people are becoming increasingly careful giving emails away, assuring them that your emails are under security and maintained by a professional may help. If somebody asks when you’re returning to their city, ask for an email. When a fan asks for an autograph, ask for an email. CD release events are an ideal venue for email collection. Die-hard or interested fans will oblige and you’ll be that much closer to reaching a greater audience.

By using an email collection app to collect the emails, you are helping to ease any security issues that fans may have as opposed to having a signup sheet set up outside the auditorium or a guy walking around the bar with a notebook gathering emails.

Email Management

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When you realize how many emails are acquired, it may be daunting to undertake mass emails and edit and produce professional messages. There is a fine line between posting too much and losing readership and posting too little, which will also lose awareness in your music. If you’re active in the community, then you should be active online as well. Managing these emails will also include reading responses and keeping track of subscriptions. This is a great way to hear from your fans and also to get some tried and true encouragement from the audience that listens. Emails also produce knowledge of venues in new areas from city natives who want you to visit.

Using an email marketing service such as AWeber or Constant Contact, can help you manage the email lists and provide great analytical data.

You should begin thinking of your audience as not just the fans in front of you at a show but also the audience online and throughout the country and worldwide. Producing event promos, merchandising updates, corporate sponsorships and radio and TV attendance through email and social media will boost presence and sales.

Email communication is fast, simple, and has great potential to reach new and interested parties. Your musical success rides on more than just performing – it is a gamut of promotions, merchandising, radio and television appearances, and CD releases.

Making email a priority ensures that your name, and your brand, stay present and permanently in the limelight.