Digital Waiver Form Collection With an iPad

How often have you misplaced something that was written on a piece of paper–notes from a sales call, an agenda for an upcoming meeting, a business card? It’s no secret that paper is difficult to store and easy to lose. Even with a strong filing system, it can take time to find exactly what you’re looking for. When that piece of paper has legal implications, such as with a waiver or release form, the need for more reliable storage and tracking system is even higher. If your organization relies on waivers as an essential part of conducting business, switching to a digital waiver form is one of the best decisions you can make.

Digital Waiver Form App

What Is a Waiver or Release Form?

A release form, or waiver, is a legal binding document that ensures that one party (usually a customer) waives the right to sue or bring a claim against another party (such as a business). Release forms can serve a number of functions. A release form might outline the risks associated with a certain activity like rock climbing or trampolining. It might give a company permission to use an individual’s work or photograph in media or marketing materials. Photographers and TV producers often require release forms. Extreme adventure services can use them. Companies like our client Trek Bikes use digital waivers when customers want to do a test ride. Well-known businesses like the YMCA and gyms use a ton of waivers. In short, these documents are everywhere!

Why Should You Use Digital Waivers?

Switching from print to digital creates a frictionless sign-up process, reduces the need for document storage, and tracks forms more effectively. For example, you might run out of paper waivers at an event. Or if multiple sales reps are collecting release forms, it’s easy to accidentally miss someone.

Reliance on traditional waiver forms can drain time and resources, too. When using paper, you’ll have to check the entire stack if you’re not sure if someone has signed a waiver. If someone gets hurt but the signature on their waiver is illegible, there could be legal issues down the road.

Digital waiver forms stored in the cloud solve all these problems. When you go digital, there are no issues with handwriting or flipping through hundreds of papers to find one person. You can type in a name and see if a specific person has already completed their digital waiver form. Not only that but because it’s mobile, you can capture digital waivers from anywhere. For waivers completed in person, using an electronic signature app on an iPad can streamline the process.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Digital Signature Software?

In addition to solving storage and tracking issues, using digital signature software to collect your release forms can provide your company with much more information. A few additional benefits are:

Captures Analytics

One of the major disadvantages of paper is that it is so difficult to track. With digital signature software, you can see how many waivers were signed in a specific time period, how many waivers a certain person has completed, and if any digital waiver forms are outstanding.

digital waiver signature capture app

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Saves Time

Sometimes your business might ask to have a waiver signed in advance of an activity. In these cases, tracking down pens or waiting for the person in front of you to finish so that you can borrow their pen can be time-consuming and frustrating. By using digital signature software, customers can sign the iPad with their finger –no pens required.

Improves Transparency for Customers

Another reason to use digital documents is so customers can also have a copy sent directly to their email. By using electronic signature apps, you can have a digital trail for customers to see when exactly they signed a form.

Deepens Engagement

Although a digital waiver is usually used for a one-off event like a photo shoot or adventure activity, your business can extend the benefits of digital signature software by adding an opt-in to marketing materials. Collecting email addresses and phone numbers can add qualified leads to your sales funnel. Since the customer feels engaged with your company enough to sign a waiver, you can deepen engagement through additional marketing and outreach.

OnSpot Social Is Your All-in-One Digital Waiver Form App and Electronic Signature App

All of the above information can be captured and stored electronically using a digital waiver system such as the one offered by OnSpot Social. Our form app features are ideal for use in person at events, in retail stores, or by sales reps in the field.  With OnSpot Social, you can upload a PDF for customers to read and check a box indicating that they agree. The app offers a digital signature capture that your business can leverage. Unlike many other digital waiver software, OnSpot Social can also capture customers’ contact info and integrate it with other marketing platforms such as your CRM and MailChimp. And best of all, using our form app get rids of those clunky paper forms.

Ready to go paperless? Sign up for a free demo with OnSpot Social today.

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