Top 7 Digital Sales Tools for Amplifying Sales Force Effectiveness

Digital sales tools can make the life of a sales rep a lot easier, while also amplifying that rep’s productivity. When sales reps need to collect leads, prospect those leads, and follow-up with interested parties, reps need the right digital sales tools and resources to make them successful. This includes tools that make the outreach process easier, lead tracking more effective, and even the closing of sales more predictable. Below are digital sales tools that you need to consider if you want to gain an edge over your competitors.

1. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator


Gaining access to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool comes at a steep price, just above the cost of a premium LinkedIn membership of $64.99/per month. However, it’s a prospecting and lead generation tool that can be highly effective for outreach and sales teams. Sales Navigator helps sales representatives find prospects on the LinkedIn social network that are laser targeted and match the exact demographics the business is looking for.

Using the tool, sales teams can search for users with targeting filters including geography, relationship – such as whether they are a connection of yours, the industry the individual is in, a company they work at or have worked in the past, the title of their job position, the company headcount and range of employees, the function of the position, their seniority level, or you can add custom tags to your search. In all, there are dozens of filter options for the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and it’s a highly effective tool for digital sales. Sales Navigator is useful for all industries, whether you work in B2B or sell direct to consumers.

2. Snov.io for Cold Email Outreach

One of the biggest hurdles to the sales process is finding the contact information for important prospects. If you have a website address or a LinkedIn profile for an individual or company that you wish to contact, Snov.io can find email addresses and phone numbers for you. It uses innovative technology to search online and locate contact information for websites and LinkedIn profiles and it does it incredibly fast and at a very affordable price.

A digital sales tool like this is the perfect comparison tool to the number one product on our list, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. When combined, you can use Sales Navigator to uncover hundreds of LinkedIn profiles, then use Snov.io to gather contact information and get in touch with these key decision-makers and pitch your products or services.

3. The HubSpot CRM Digital Sales Tool

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What’s the one thing that digital sales teams need to do, and need to do really well? The answer is to organize, track, and nurture leads and customers. Customer relationship management tools were designed to do just this. The problem is, most of these tools come at a steep cost and are not affordable for startups.

Hubspot’s free CRM is the best way to manage your pipeline, speed up sales, and not overextend on price. It’s a completely free digital sales aid and it offers everything that your sales team needs to stay organized and effortleslly track their progress with leads. You can manage your pipeline with complete visibility, log sales activity automatically, and see everything about a lead all in one place. It’s a great way to skyrocket productivity. By using their sales software, you can do a variety of outreach tasks all with their tool and without having to use any other digital sales aids.

Some of the things that Hubspot’s CRM does that competing tools don’t provide include sending personalized sequences of emails, creating and measuring email templates, getting real-time notifications, enriching contact records, placing calls from within the customer relationship management system, and even booking meetings directly within the CRM.

4. LemList for Automating Cold Emails

Have you ever wanted to send out cold emails in bulk, but you didn’t have the software to track your bounce rate, your open rate, and click-through rate on any links within the emails? LemList’s new tool solves all of those problems for you, it even goes above and beyond and allows you to send personalized images to each and every cold prospect.

LemList automates cold email outreach by making your cold emails unique and unforgettable.

  • It is the first automated outreach platform that does personalized images.
  • LemList does all of the traditional cold email processes that you would expect. It offers truly state-of-the-art personalization, tracks open rates, balance rates, reply rates, click-through rates, opt out rates, and more.
  • It can do everything from allowing you to create lists, outreach sequences, and email templates, and it automates it all.
  • LemList can send on a specific schedule such as while you are sleeping or even during business hours.
  • It also does follow-ups that are on time with no effort whatsoever. You can ensure your emails are read, you can forecast your growth and revenue, and you can start contacting more prospects and truly jumpstart your outbound sales process.

LemList is a lead tracking and hands-off relationship building tool that allows you to reduce churn, up-sell your current clients, and develop your business by getting more customers.

5. A Digital Voice Recorder

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a digital voice recorder that allows you to speak freely and have everything you’re saying transmitted to text on the device you’re using. Digital voice recorders are incredibly powerful software, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to jot down information while driving, talking with the customer on the phone, or doing something that takes up hand space.

With a digital voice recorder, everything that you say can be saved in a text file. With sales calls, this can be an extremely handy way to record what you’re saying to a client or customer. You can repeat back their requirements and expectations, and have all of this documented in a text file without having to physically write it out.

6. Plutio – A Project and Task Management Digital Sales Tool

Plutio is a project and task management software that can make managing your team incredibly easy. It allows you to bring all of your projects, tasks, invoices, files and more, into a single centralized platform. It is designed for freelancers, small teams, and even big businesses. What it does best is it allows you to work on the go wherever you want. Their mobile and desktop apps create a seamless experience that enable you to create and track tasks, and the overarching projects they correspond to. It’s a very useful tool that similar to Asana but with a wider feature set.

7. OnSpot Social for Texting Customers

OnSpot Social digital sales tool for texting

Many sales leaders using the OnSpot Social experiential marketing platform are taking advantage of the outbound  text feature to enable reps with a sales tool for texting customers and extending sales calls. With time being everyone’s greatest natural resource these days, it’s imperative that sales leadership enable their field force with digital sales tools which extend customer conversations. Not only that, but extend those conversations through channels that customers are already using. Text messaging for sales reps is a beautiful thing as it allows reps in the field OR telereps to quickly key in a customer’s mobile number, select the digital content they want to text, and simply tap a button to do so. Instantly the customer receives a text on her phone with the link to the digital content that the rep sent. Now the customer can interact with that digital content at a time and through a channel (mobile) that is convenient.

If your sales team is not currently utilizing text messaging in the field, we definitely encourage you to give it a try. It’s been working wonders for many of our customers (and their customers love it too)!

List of Digital Sales Tools – Conclusion

With any of these digital sales tools, it’s ultimately about how you use the tool and put it into practice. These are tools that can revolutionize sales teams and make everything from prospecting to outreach, to the closing of sales, a much easier process and far more streamlined. If you’re looking for a digital sales tool that can make a difference and an impact in your organization, any of the above tools are worth your consideration.

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