Collecting Data Using a Tablet

Your customer’s data is at the base of keeping in touch and ensuring that you have people to continue to return to your business. You can use OnSpot Social anywhere your business may take you to ensure you continue to grow and succeed.

Below are a few examples of how collecting data using a tablet with our app can help your business grow.

Bridal Shows

Capture the excitement and the buzz of the bridal show by having booth visitors enter their information to win a gift certificate, a free sizing, or perhaps a day at the spa. For example, if you are a dress retailer, the information you gather from your client could be used to invite them into your store for a private fitting. By having them enter their information you will have a way to keep in contact with them and have them be updated on your specials and sales.

Home Shows

Clients who attend home shows don’t have all day to stand at your booth and fill out forms by hand just so you may contact them in the future. Be cutting edge and have your iPad ready for them to quickly fill in their information. This can be beneficial for contractors, realtors, and retail outlets. Offering a small incentive for the clients information will ensure that you grow your social media and contact lists.

Community Events and Fundraisers

If your business is a sponsor or participates in a community event or fundraiser, it is a great time to make contact with potential clients that may not have known about your business otherwise. Instead of taking people away from the main event, ask them to quickly enter their contact information, like you on Facebook or follow you on twitter, and follow up with them after the fact with sales and more information about your business.