5 Of the Best Online Event Apps In 2019

Every trade show is an opportunity for you to showcase your services and products to your clients and prospects. It is, therefore, important that you remain organized to avoid the headache that comes with putting everything together. We live in a digital era, most tasks are now automated and most businesses are able to stay on top of everything by using an event app.

As you may already know there are over a hundred event apps in the market. We have reviewed 5 best events app in 2019 to help you get past the confusion.


Marketing tools for events used at a baseball game - OnSpot Social
Marketing tools for events used at a baseball game – OnSpot Social

1. OnSpot Social – the #1 Event App

OnSpot Social is undoubtedly one of the best event apps in 2019. The app is amazingly easy to use. Its interface is user-friendly and customizable.


The main objectives of an event app are to drive satisfaction and customer engagement. An excellent vent app must include a show guide feature so that you are able to easily schedule your vent, add personal agenda items and show the event map and other information you may deem necessary.

OnSpot Social event app comes with several networking features so as to allow attendees to connect with you using the app. One of the most important networking features includes appointment booking and in-app push notifications. Additionally, do not settle for an event app that does not include social media integration. Remember that most of your attendees spend most of their free time on social media, an event app should allow them to share your event details on their social media pages so as to increase brand awareness

OnSpot Social supports games and contests. Events are a fun place to be, games engage your attendees and motivate them towards buying from you. Furthermore, an app that will help collect ratings and feedback from your attendees is priceless. Remember that feedback is an important aspect when it comes to planning your marketing strategies.


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OnSpot Social works with several platforms effortlessly. The most important platforms include CRM, email marketing platform, ticketing system, and a polling platform. An event app should allow for easier integration so that you are able to share data with any platform of your choice.

  • The app provides inbuilt integrations that you can use at any particular time.


A good event app must allow its users to network with friends and family. Achieve this is to give your attendees a voice through live polling. Hold contests and polls and have the results displayed live during the vents. An event app game is also another simple way to increase attendees’ engagement tremendously.


Events app can be costly. However, they are worth every dime when you take a look at the opportunities they present your business with.  Remember that the apps eliminate paperwork which is both hectic and easily misplaced. Besides, you are able to instantly generate new leads for nurturing each time you hold an event. With a proper event app, you can welcome event sponsors into your business which is a great opportunity for your business to thrive.

Budget is an important aspect to consider when going for an event app, remember that nothing good comes cheap. There are several apps in the market but getting one that matches your budget and performs all the important event tasks is the key.

  • OnSpot Social brings the pocket flexibility you need thanks to its annual and one-time purchases.

Support team

We all experienced app issues at some point. For this reason, you will want to make sure that the app you choose has an experienced technical team that is reachable via various platforms for 24 hours.  The OnSpot support team should also have a base knowledge to train you to offer you self-directed training. They also offer you free demos so as to help you get started immediately.


Event apps allow for improved customer engagement - OnSpot Social
Event apps allow for improved customer engagement – OnSpot Social


Other notable event apps include the following:

2. Event friendly

This app is made to simplify tasks for you and your attendees. It helps you build your audience and engage with them as you also send real-time event updates so that you are able to stay connected every single minute.

The app sends real-time event updates straight into your attendee’s mobile phones and effortlessly supports response from to your attendees before m during and after events.

The app lets you segment your audience depending on their interest in your business and products so that you are able to promote your events amongst your audience depending on their interests and needs.

3 Attendify

This event app offers much more than most ordinary apps in the market. The app comes with private social networking, a digital event guide, and an in-app sponsor platform. Additionally, it allows for networking to other media platforms.

The app easily projects your event content on any screen in real time and lets you manage as many events as possible from its dashboard.

Attendify is priced differently depending on your budget and also your business needs.


Event marketing apps make it possible to communicate to a wider audience - OnSpot Social
Event marketing apps make it possible to communicate to a wider audience – OnSpot Social

4. Whova

This app is a must-have for any event organizer that aims at changing the face of networking and customer engagement.

The app simplifies your attendees to maximize their opportunities in the relevant sessions and panels so that they are able to have their plan experience.

Whova also comes with an inbuilt system that provides a greater overview of key attendees social profiles so that you are able to learn and know about your attendees ahead of the event. This also allows the guests to plan and meet even before the beginning of the events.

The app pricing is available on request on the website.

5. Pathable

This event app supports real-time behavioral metrics that are actionable to help you stay on top of everything.  Pathable also gives your attendees an easy to use a tool so that they are able to build their own schedules at their own time.

The app comes with an in-built post-event survey and live poll feature so as to help you get feedback from your customers during and after your events. Additionally, the app includes a community networking so as to allow you and your attendees plan meetings ahead of time. The conference agenda manager is also another great feature that helps you stay organized all the time.

The app comes in a free version and a premium one; you can get a price quote for the premium one on request on the Pathable website. Remember the premium version comes with several features that will help you stay ahead of your competitors when it comes to organizing and hosting your events.

Last words

Using an event app is not rocket science. As a beginner, you will have to figure out what your business needs are. Most events apps do not integrate all the important features that you will need to run a successful event. OnSpot Social still remains our number one event app in 2019 thanks to its robust features and user-friendly interface. That being said, the other events app in our list are worth considering. Remember each business is unique and so are its needs.

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