What Is A Trade Event Management App?

Staying focussed and organized during a trade show is without a doubt quite hectic. Fortunately, event organizers will not have to deal with all the headache that comes with preparing for trade shows. The internet era has made it possible for businesses to stay on top of everything that comes their way; one can simply make a call on the trade event management apps to help them make their shows experience extremely rewarding.

How can you use an event management app to make your work easier? This article has reviewed 8 of the best apps that are changing the face of trade events significantly. Continue reading.

Understanding trade event management apps

What is a trade event app? Trade events are about showcasing services or products in a given amount of time. A trade event app is a mobile software that helps you improve the general experience of your show. From giving both the exhibitors and sponsors a chance to connect with others to enhance the experience and impression a business creates on its customers, a trade event app is a must-have.

Trade Event Management App

Here are the best conference apps:

1. Square

Square lets you accept payments from clients. This app is a pro when it comes to credit card processing. No one carries a huge amount of money anymore, its old fashioned and unsafe especially when selling products in strange neighborhoods. The app features a point of sale contactless chip reader that connects wirelessly thus allowing you to receive payments fast. Alternatively, use the square magstripe reader that comes in a box for swiping.

The square reader is highly compatible with a wide range of devices. It also works to help you take control of your products, personnel and customers. The app charges you per swipe and has no monthly charges. It is definitely a must-have for any business during trade events.

2. Expensify

The Expensify app lets you track your expenditures during a trade show. It simply helps you account for every coin you spend. We all know that attending a trade show is demanding; from processing travelling documents, meals, hotel fees for you and your personnel and many more. For this reason, you wouldn’t like to have any coin go to waste, besides the ordinary reports, it also shows you the time of every expenditure.

The app comes with an inbuilt smart scan OCR so that you are able to take photos of your receipts and annotate entries when necessary. Additionally, you may link the app to your credit cards so as to make it easier for you to match expenditures with various items.

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Expensify also manages company cards, integrates various accountings and deals with credit card reconciliations for established businesses.

3. Viber

Viber is a free calling and messaging app. This conference app is vital for getting everyone right on track. Make use of Viber to bring all your staff on board during a trade event. It simply lets you stay connected to anyone you wish through an internet interface.

Viber supports group chats of up to 250 people. It handles long distance calls very well and even includes a high definition video calling feature that lets you send video messages. Viber makes sure that all your communication is secured with an end –to- end encryption.

  • Contacts can be manually vetted so as to make sure you are reaching out to the right people. The app comes with several stickers to help you express your trade show experiences effortlessly.

4. Camcad

Honestly speaking, people still issue cards during events! Camcad lets you scan the typical business cards so that you are able to stay paperless and organized. The app properly organizes the clients ’data and exports it to systems such as Excel or Google contacts.  You can also use the app to assign responsibilities to your staff and track various communications with clients and prospects. The business cards are stored in the cloud and can be synchronized with any smart device.

5. Quick Tap Survey

Quick Tap Survey is among the best conference apps for collecting data from your clients and prospects. The app can be used both offline and online on a wide range of devices. Use quick tap survey to generate leads, create online research forms, engage with prospects and customers as well as get feedback.

The app lets you customize and brand your signatures besides the fact that it also allows you to carry out surveys fast. You may also capture signatures, get reports, group questions and export your clients to your preferred interaction platforms.

6. Pathable

Pathable is another amazing conference app that lets you connect with your event attendee before, during and after the event. Pathable lets you view full conference agendas so that you are able to build your own agendas. It shows you who is attending the show so that you are able to schedule meetings on time. As if not enough, Pathable enables you to search the sponsor list and even locate them on engagement maps.

Pathable also includes features for; scanning budgets, sharing photos, private meeting scheduling, community forums, exhibitor listings, trade show maps, attended profile and many more.

7. Guidebook

The Guidebook app is made of a simple design that promotes maximum usability.  The app enables you to create any event app through a simple drag and drop interface. It is very straightforward and will give you the functionality you are looking for.

The app lets you easily browse schedules, maps and other important aspects for your trade event. You shall be notified of your schedules by an alarm so as to keep you updated with your event sessions.

Guidebook lets you know who is attending so that you prepare yourself to make connections and issue cards. Use your Guidebook conference app offline on various devices without any worry of fussiness.

8. OnSpot Social

The OnSpot Social app comes into its own when you are at any event and regardless of there being a Wi-fi signal or not it allows you to glean email addresses and essential data to converse with your clients both at the event and later for followup communication.

Setting the standard for simplicity and functionality has always been the goal with the OnSpot Social app and it delivers that and then some. From a clean and easy setup to customizing it makes the life of any marketer easier.

With on-screen help and designed for small screens the UX and UI have been carefully orchestrated to deliver results in a crowded, chaotic world where time is short and the need to reach out to as many potential clients is the main goal.

Our last words

Our list above just contains a few of the several event apps in the market today. These apps are not a luxury, you will realize just how simple and organized your life turns to be the moment you start embracing an event app in your business. We hope that any of the apps from the list above helped you become a better exhibitor.

Whilst each of these forms of software has their merit, OnSpot Social has worked tirelessly for years in developing their software to deliver the features and benefits listed with the above products for a fraction of the price of comparative products. Check us out and see how well we stack up against known competitors.

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