Configure OnSpot Social to Use Tablets for Digital Signage

As you may have heard, OnSpot Social has recently launched a HUGE new in-store marketing feature, Slideshows. Businesses can now upload up to five different images into OnSpot Social. Those images can be configured to rotate and display on the iPad in order to capture consumers’ attention and draw them to the iPad. Using tablets for digital signage is something that companies around the world are beginning to experiment with. Now, OnSpot Social customers have a great new tool which will help you use your tablets for digital signage in-store, at events, or really anywhere that both you and your customers will be at the same time.

There are almost endless ways that companies can leverage OnSpot Social’s Slideshows for in-store advertising. Slideshows are a great way for companies to display your branding elements, promote current deals and offerings, showcase new products & services, promote upcoming sales and company events, and simply as a tool to attract potential customers to your tablet in order for you to entice consumers to connect with your company on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.

The OnSpot Social app has the ability to display both full screen slides, as well as, smaller images that can be displayed as a background. Users can customize how long each image will be displayed on screen. Companies also have the ability to use the slides with or without the standard animations which are already provided as a feature within OnSpot Social.

How To Create a Slideshow Image

The OnSpot Social app can now display a slideshow of images while your tablet sits idle and untouched. This feature turns your tablet into a digital sign that can be used to promote products, services, sales, events, or any important information. When creating slide show images, users can freely create exactly what their company wants to display. If you want to design & display full screen images, please have your design team create the images with the following dimensions:

  • Non-Retina Display (iPad 1, iPad 2, original iPad Mini) = 1024 x 768
  • Retina Display (iPad 3 and newer) = 2048 x 1536

If your company is using an HD tablet (an iPad 3 or newer, iPad Mini Retina Display), it is suggested that you use high-resolution image files for your digital signs.

How To Upload Images for Your Slideshow

Uploading your custom images into OnSpot Social is super easy. The steps below will get you where you need to be.

  1. Go to onspotsocial.com
  2. In the top right corner, click “Login” and enter your company’s account e-mail address and password to access the web administrative site
  3. From there, click the “Setup” tab
  4. Click “Add/Update Custom Slideshow Images”
  5. Lastly, click “Upload Image(s)”, find the image(s) you want to upload from your computer and select them for upload

If you chose to create a custom slideshow, the slides time intervals (how long you want to leave a specific slide on the screen) can also be managed here. To change the slide order, simply click and drag the slide preview to its desired location within the arrangement.


Configure Slideshows to Use Tablets for Digital Signage

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Now that you have successfully created and uploaded your desired images, it is time to activate the digital signage feature on your iPad. To do this, simply:

  1. Open the OnSpot Social app on your iPad
  2. Double tap the OnSpot Social logo at the bottom of the Display Screen and enter your company’s Unlock Password
  3. Tap the “General” tab on the left hand column
  4. Make sure that “Animate While Idle” is turned “On” to successfully use the digital digital signage feature

That’s it! You’re now ready to use your tablet as a digital sign. It’s that simple. Please share your feedback on this new Slideshows feature in the comments section below. We hope it helps generate more buzz and awareness for your business.