Top 7 Email Marketing Trends for 2019

In 2018 email marketing is stronger than ever. It’s of vital importance for delivering new promotions, connecting with your customers and clients, and pushing out new forms of content. Even with the growing use of chat systems and social media, email is still one of the biggest components of developing a marketing strategy that drives sales and traffic; you just need to be excellent at it.

A recent study from Radicati showed that the average person receives 91 emails every day.


If you want your emails, from your email marketing campaign, to stand out among the others that flood the inboxes of your users, you need to consider the ever-changing times that take place in the online marketing ecosystem. Here are seven of the biggest email marketing trends in 2018.

1. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Like many other components of marketing, including social media and website development, the focus on mobile is beginning to take control. The use of laptops and desktop computers is dwindling, in favor of smartphones and tablets.


We are always on the go, and your email marketing campaign needs to reflect that. The majority of people who check their email daily, do so on their phones or tablets. When creating newsletters, promotions, or other forms of content that you intend to push out through to your email list, be sure it is mobile-friendly.  In the Experian “Quarterly email benchmark report”, they reported that 65% of total email opens occurred on a mobile phone or tablet in Q4 2015, compared to 54% in Q3 2015.

2. Personalization

It used to be enough that you could just personalize the name of your emails to meet the needs of each recipient. Those days are over. Now, people engage most with an email they feel fits their lifestyle and addresses their needs. Rather than having one list that you send all emails to, you should have multiple lists that reflect what the individual has purchased, engaged with, and what they might be looking for.

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Hubspot did a great article that has stood the test of time, that reveals 27 different ways to segment your email marketing lists.

3. Video and Animation

Just as video and animation are taking over the social media world, their presence in email is growing as well. With videos, you can deliver more information to your customer while keeping their attention. It also allows you to give them an inside look at you and your company. Other features, such as including a timer or other digital component, can increase your chances of a click-through.

Kissmetrics outlined some key elements when including videos in your email marketing campaign. These include tactics such as:

  • Create a series of videos
  • Don’t use autoplay
  • Keep them short
  • User interviews and customer testimonials

4. Social Media and Email Connection

In many ways, social media is replacing email as a prime form of communication. Rarely do individuals choose to send a message to a friend or family through email, meaning they are checking their inboxes less and less. Instead, they hop on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and receive all the information they once got from their email.

But where email outshines social media is the ability to maintain control. Those that sign up for your email list are given access to information, deals, and resources that you don’t usually push out anywhere else. This feeling of exclusivity is reserved only for your most serious customers and clients. In 2018, you’ll want to entice your social media communities of followers and fans to join your email lists to receive exclusive offers, deals, or resources through email.

5. Interactive Experiences

As developers look at the ways to revive email, they create new things that can be done within the confines of a message. While you used only to be able to send basic text, today email can be used to send a variety of interactive pieces. Those interactive components will only continue to grow.

In 2018, we can expect to see growth in emails that allow you to make a purchase right from that page, as well as make comments, send feedback, or rate service.

6. Competition Will Continue to Grow

Even though email is falling in the ranks of communication services for peer to peer contact, it is still a great way for marketers to push out their promotions and information.

But as more and more people grasp onto the power that is email marketing, users’ inboxes will quickly grow and CTR and Open rate can suffer. Bill Ross, 320 Digital.

If you your business wants to be a presence against all the other information on the web, you need to step your game up. With more and more emails getting sent to the user’s inbox, the less likely they are to click and open your email. A great strategy and compelling copy will be necessary for getting the attention you need.

Mailchimp has some great tips for customizing your email’s subject line to increase clicks. Some of these tips include:

  • Keeping the subject line short
  • Use Localization
  • Consistently update your subject lines of your newsletters

In 2015, DigitalMarketer sent 134 million emails, and they analyzed the subject lines from those 134 million emails. There were eight different components they found again and again in their top performing email subject lines:

  1. Self-Interest
  2. Curiosity
  3. Offer
  4. Urgency/Scarcity
  5. Humanity
  6. News
  7. Social Proof
  8. Story

7. Content from Customers

In 2018, more companies will start to use their own customer’s content in their emails. This could include recommendations, social media posts, or other forms of commentary about their experience.

This type of email marketing content is called “social proof”. We see this type of email content being used more because there is no denying that a potential customer will believe the good word of a previous customer. As more brands catch onto this, and they have more access to customer’s reviews and opinions, we will start to see them use this information in their favor.

Invespcro put together an infographic that showed that 88% of users trust reviews as much as personal recommendations from a friend.

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An email marketing campaign is still something every company should be focusing on in 2018. As the marketing world continues to adjust to the ever-changing landscape each year, every company needs to ensure they are on top of the trends of that year if they want to stay relevant and continue to see their business grow. These seven email marketing tips are a great place to start.