Tips For Using Instagram To Market Your Small Business

Instagram, the top photo-sharing app of the mobile and social world should be utilized by every small business marketing strategy. It is the perfect channel to create beautiful content for Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Instagram, the top photo-sharing app of the mobile and social world should be utilized by every small business marketing strategy. It is the perfect channel to create beautiful content for Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Depending on one’s media experience, Instagram may be a whole new network. It debuted October 2010 and since registered over 700 million Instagrammers. Users take pictures, select a filter and share them with friends, family and strangers. Followers can “Like,” add commentary and share among several social media networks.

How does Instagram apply to small business marketing? Studies show visual content receives more than twice as much attention as online textual content. Regardless of which social media networks a company chooses to focus on, Instagram is the perfect complement.

Why Should Small Businesses Be On Instagram?

1. Aesthetics RULE!

Lets face it Instagram pictures are beautiful and hip. Using Instagram as your businesses main source of photo sharing will give them a connected and well-formatted look.

2. Instagram makes professional photographers.

Not everyone can take a good picture, but basically everyone can take an excellent picture with Instagram. There is something about the cube-sized photos that makes them perfectly shaped for all social media networks. The trendy filters cover up photo flaws and Instagram sizes the photos automatically to ensure seamless sharing across networks.

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3. Locates your community.

As a business owner, you will get a chance to see clients children, homes, gardens, meal choices, haircuts, family excursions, late-night parties and much more. It provides a way to connect with them on an intimate level and have a greater understanding of their needs. If a particular client loves roses and has a garden – gift a rose plant for an anniversary or important date. It would be an incredible way to create brand loyalty and generate discussion about your business. Think about how many neighbors would hear about it.

4. Humanize the business.

Almost every social media post talks about humanizing a brand, but they don’t tell you the surest way is with visuals. Share employee birthday pics, events, early product releases, or upload jokes and funny cartoons. Everyone enjoys a good laugh.

5. Brand awareness.

Instagram offers a succinct way to show off a brand in several attractive ways. People become more emotionally attached to pictures than words. Use Instagram to tell the story of your business and give followers an inside look into its culture.

How Small Businesses Can Use Instagram

1. Day-to-day routine.

Use Instagram pictures to share the behind-the-scenes action of your business. The grumpy morning faces, the healthy lunch choices, customers and anything in-between.

2. Interact.

Similar to every other social media network, Instagram thrives on interaction. Follow your followers, search for more and “Like” or comment on their pictures. Share their pictures relating to the business or industry and ask them to share yours.

3. Showcase products and/or services.

All industries are visual industries and should be marketed to appeal to consumers. Share photos of houses as a real-estate broker, entrees as a chef, or pottery classes as an art instructor. People relate to pictures.

4. Search for local businesses.

Do not just share pictures of your business, but take pictures of the town/city, the people who come in, the schools, the nightlife, the street lights – everything the audience may be interested in. Search for local businesses and people and follow their accounts. Also, don’t forget to promote your business Instagram by posting decals, adding links to the website and adding to everything business-related.

5. Utilize tags.

Hashtags were initiated for users to mark their pictures so they could be easily located. Learning to use hashtags effectively is very important. Pay attention to how users tag pictures and begin tagging appropriately.

6. Rock your profile.

Fill in the bio and explain clearly what the business offers, upload a professional picture for the profile (preferably the company logo), and include the business website.

How To Get More Followers For Your Small Business Instagram Account

The following graphic is a portion of an infographic that explains how to get more Instagram followers comments and likes.

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