Three Ways Churches Can Use OnSpot Social

iPads and other tablets are being used in all styles of businesses and organizations. Whether it is a non-profit, for profit, Church_Spotgovernment organization or a church, a sign-up and data collection app could be very useful.

Let’s use a church as an example and all the ways they could benefit from an iPad sign-up app.

Sign Up for Different Church Activities

There are always activities going on at a church, such as, book drives, clothing collections, food collections, holiday events, dinner events, and many more. Having people sign up for these events can become a lot easier with the use of an iPad and an app that will allow members of the church to select which activities they would like to attend.

Here’s a scenario. John and his family are new to the church since they just moved to this town a few weeks ago and they want to participate in an event at their new church. Since the church is using the OnSpot Social iPad app, John can walk right up to the iPad located inside the church, enter his email address and select from the multiple choice options the app features to select which of the activities John would like to help with.

Sign Up for Church Newsletter

Based on the scenario above, you may be wondering, how did John know about the book drivers, or food collection or dinner events. Simple. He signed up for his new church’s newsletter on this same iPad a week before.

Having church members being able to sign up for the church newsletter via an iPad app can make it a lot easier and organized for church volunteers who may be creating these newsletters. By using OnSpot Social, you do not have to rely on somebody having legible handwriting and not worry that the person who is typing the members’ information into the newsletter database will not make a data entry mistake.

Volunteer Sign Up

Similar to the example of John signing himself and his family up for several of the church’s activities with the multiple choice feature of OnSpot Social, this app can also be used to allow members of the church to sign up as a volunteer for different activities. Let’s take Jen as an example.

Jen wants to volunteer for something at the church, but she doesn’t know exactly what. By using the iPad kiosk inside the church, she can select from several options presented to her by the church. She can review the multiple choices listed and select which ones she would like to volunteer for. This once again saves time on deciphering information.

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Using an email and data collection app like OnSpot Social is beneficial to any company, organization or church that would like to make it easier on their members to sign up for activities, keep their information private, and avoid data input mistakes.

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