Reduce Your Social Media Marketing Budget While Increasing Your Results

Let’s break down the costs for using OnSpot Social to increase your social media connections and expand your e-mail marketing list. Some businesses spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars per month to a few thousand dollars per month on social media marketing. Usually one of their goals is to increase their social media connections and expand their e-mail marketing list. One of the best ways to do this online is through content marketing.

Content Marketing is the process of creating written, audio, video, or image-based online content about your business and then distributing it to relevant customers and prospects online (usually through social media). Successful businesses include a call-to-action within their content or marketing messages. Again, many times, that call-to-action is “Like us on Facebook”, “Follow us on Twitter”, or “Sign-Up for our e-mail list”. When executed properly Content Marketing can really work for businesses. With that said, it requires a lot of time from the business owner/employee or a decent-sized budget to pay a marketing agency. Not only that, but sometimes your online marketing tactics are note seen by your most valuable community member, the people who visit your store. The people who visit your store should be your highest priority.

OnSpot Social allows business owners to convert store visitors into online connections right on the spot. Not only is there FINALLY a tool that can be used to generate social media connections in-store, but it’s also much more cost effective than implementing a Content Marketing strategy. Some business owners may even want to do both, but for those business owners who want to reduce their social media marketing budget while increasing their social media connections and expanding their e-mail marketing list, OnSpot Social is the ultimate social media tool. Here are the costs for implementing a successful OnSpot Social marketing program in your store:

  • OnSpot Social – Yearly subscription $175
  • iPad – Refurbished for $150 – $300 (one-time fee)
  • iPad Hardware Case – $150 – $250 (one-time fee)
  • WiFi in Store (unless you buy a 3G iPad) – $40/month

So instead of spending hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars per month on content marketing, you can now spend $300 – $600 up front for iPad hardware, $175/year for OnSpot Social, and around $480/year on Wireless internet at your store (unless you purchase a 3G iPad, in which case OnSpot Social will run just as well). We are talking about a one-time investment of less than $1,000 and $400 – $600/year in recurring fees. That’s pretty cheap when you consider what you would have to pay a top notch social media agency to handle your social media marketing OR how much time you’d have to spend if you were to do it yourself. So do yourself a HUGE favor and buy OnSpot Social and start collecting more Facebook ‘Likes’, Twitter followers, and customer e-mail addresses than you ever thought possible.

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