Restaurants Use iPads to Convert Patrons into Social Media Connections

Are you using Facebook and Twitter to communicate with customers of your restaurant? Social Media has opened the door for personal one-on-one communication between businesses and consumers. Many restaurant owners are using social media and e-mail marketing to let diners know about upcoming specials, new menu items, restaurant events, and much more. Consumers find this information valuable from the restaurants they frequent. How many more people do you think live in your community who might be interested in hearing what you have to say? In this economy, I know a lot of them would definitely want to hear about coupon offers or special events. So, how does your restaurant go about getting these people to Like your restaurant on Facebook, follow your restaurant on Twitter, or even provide you with their e-mail address?

OnSpot Social provides restaurants with an easy way to convert patrons into social media connections. OnSpot Social is an iPad application that can be used in your restaurant to capture Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, and e-mail addresses on the spot through an iPad. What if there was an iPad with OnSpot Social at every table in your restaurant? How many people do you think would ‘Like’ your Facebook page? We think quite a few. Can’t afford to put an iPad on every table? No problem! How about putting the iPad with OnSpot Social running at your check-out counter. Now everyone who comes in for takeout or comes up to pay their bill can connect with your restaurant on social media. Pretty cool, huh?

Restaurants and iPads are a match made in heaven! Restaurants owners are always looking for an edge on their competition. OnSpot Social provides you with that edge. Use OnSpot Social to collect more Facebook Likes, more Twitter followers, and more e-mail addresses so that you can then use those marketing channels for future marketing opportunities. Telling people about your restaurants’ Specials is the easy part. Without someone to tell it to, nobody knows that you’re serving Chicken Florentine tonight. OnSpot Social helps you build a quality audience on social media for your restaurant. If you’re collecting social media connections at your restaurant then you know those people are interested in hearing from you. These are the people who will be easily persuaded to come back again, and again, AND AGAIN! 🙂

A social media app for restaurants. Really?! How cool is that? If you own a restaurant OR you’re taxed with managing your restaurant’s social media presence, download OnSpot Social today and start collecting more social media connections and e-mail addresses than you ever dreamed possible.