The Economical Way To Purchase iPads For Your Business

When evaluating the decision whether to purchase one, or multiple iPads for your business, a number of options exist.  When it comes to pricing iPad’s, Apple execs are geniuses!  Knowing that they have a winner on their hands with the iPad, Apple strictly controls the price level of new iPads.  They accomplish this by offering an extremely small discount to resellers which prevents the resellers from undercutting Apple’s retail price.  For this reason, when looking for the best deal on a brand new iPad with a manufacture’s warranty, we’d recommend going straight to the Apple Store.

Although most feel more confident buying new, we recommend buying a refurbished iPad for your business.  Compared to new iPads, purchasing refurbished units will normally save you $100 each, if not more.  Apple does an excellent job in reselling these units and guarantees the following with all refurbished iPads:

  •  All units are tested and certified
  • Include a 1-year manufactures warranty
  • All refurbished iPad models include a brand new battery and outer shell
  • Free ground shipping on all refurbished units
  • Option to extend service and support coverage on refurbished iPad for up to 2 years

In today’s society, iPads can be looked at as valuable commodities that can be bought and sold freely 24/7 on the Ebay exchange.  These versatile devices, often considered the Cadillac of the tablet PC world, are in constant high demand.  Consumer’s just can’t seem to get enough of them.  For this reason, if your business decides utilizing iPads was a mistake, or you would like to upgrade to a newer model, it is quite easy to unload your current stock on the free market.  As  iPads hold their value quite well compared to most other electronic devices, you will most likely be able to recover most of your initial investment as long as the unit is in decent condition and not too outdated when you decide to sell.

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