Top 6 Open House Apps For Realtors

Realtors and real estate agents have to wear a number of different hats and possess a number of different skillsets. From having to sometimes be amateur psychologists and sometimes even marriage counselors to shepherd clients through the home buying process to needing to understand mortgage rates, terms and conditions to understand legal contractual language, the variety of tasks a realtor must master are never-ending.

In addition to everything else, realtors and real estate agents also have to be amateur party and event planners. Staging successful open houses is an invaluable part of the process of selling a home. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of open house apps available to help realtors plan, stage and execute a successful open house. Here are 6 of the best open house apps for realtors.

1. Open Home Pro

The number one app on the best open house apps showcase is the Open Home Pro App. Unlike many apps that have applications in the real estate industry but are not industry specific, Open Home Pro is an app designed specifically for realtors and agents.

Open Home Pro is an help that helps maximize your data collection at open houses and use it in the most beneficial ways. Making the most of your open house means getting solid contacts, but there can be a number of obstacles to doing this. Going digital will not only give visitors the right impression, but it also makes it far easier for them to give you more information about what specifically they are looking for.

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2. WalkScore

The number two app on the best open house apps showcase is WalkScore. While it is no secret that the most important factor when choosing a home is “location, location, location,” what makes a home a great location for one person, couple or family is going to be something totally different from what makes it perfect for someone else.

Older couples with no children may not care much about how great the school district is, while young hipsters might be more interested in what they can walk to than how many pediatricians are in the area. WalkScore will provide a wealth of information to your visitors ranging from how long their commute will be, what kind of amenities the neighborhood has to offer to reviews about the neighborhood by local residents.

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3. Neighborhood Scout

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The number three app on the best open house apps showcase is the Neighborhood Scout App. While Walk Score is a great app to give potential buyers a feel for the neighborhood and what they can expect if they move in, Neighborhood Scout is perfect for more serious number crunchers.

Whether they want to get a much deeper look at either the investment potential of the individual property as it relates to others in the area or the specific demographics of the neighborhood, Neighborhood Scout offers powerful analytics that can give them either a broad overview or a detailed snapshot of a specific metric. While Neighborhood Score is not available as an app, it is still an invaluable tool for open houses.

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4. Home Design 3D Gold

The number four app on the best open house apps showcase is Home Design 3D Gold. Savvy realtors and agents know the importance of staging a home with a neutral palette to show off its best features. Agents want to create a blank canvas that allows potential buyers to picture the house as their home after they have added all of their own personal touches.

Home Design 3D Gold takes this even a step further by allowing them to see exactly what the home would look like remodeled and redesigned. Want to see what the kitchen would look like with new custom cabinet? Home Design 3D Gold can produce a digital rendering with just a few taps and swipes. Want to see what the kitchen would look like with a large custom island? Home Design 3D Gold can not only help buyers imagine what the house might look like with some custom redesign, they can actually see it with their own two eyes.

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5. Survey Monkey

The number five app on the best open house apps showcase is the Survey Monkey App. One of the most important parts of any open house is the follow up. Interested buyers are not the only ones you want to follow up with either.

Buyers who didn’t like what you are selling can provide just as valuable insights as those that actually liked what they saw. In some cases, the problem might be something you can’t fix, like traffic noise or a backyard that is just too small. In other cases, however, what might be driving buyers away is actually an easy fix, if only you knew about it. Survey Monkey can help you gain critical insight into not only what you’re doing well or what is selling itself about the property, but also about what needs to be fixed or changed. Sometimes that information as well can be worth its weight in gold.

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6. OnSpot Social

The number 6 app on the best open house apps showcase is the OnSpot Social App. If anyone reading this has ever purchased a house, you know the way to collect contact information at open houses includes a pen and pad – not the best way to capture information. Our email collection app gives realtors the ability to capture sign ins at their open house, gather contact information directly and add it to their CRM. Not only that, but OnSpot Social provides real estate agents the ability to automatically send a text with a link to more property information directly to the visitor who registers through the system. The possibilities are endless.

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Conducting a successful open house demands far more than just entertaining potential clients and feeding them some cookies – although that doesn’t hurt either. One thing to remember is that one of the most common fantasies of new home buyers is that of entertaining in their new home. While far fewer buyers actually end up entertaining than those that dream of it, the more your open house resembles a party, the easier it will be for them to imagine it being theirs.

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