OnSpot Social & Mailchimp, A Match Made In Heaven

With our newest release in iTunes, we are happy to announce our latest integration with Mailchimp and their popular email marketing service. Once you are logged in to your OnSpot Social OnSpot Social Mailchimpaccount, you can easily integrate your Mailchimp account to have your collected emails and data, transferred to a specific Mailchimp subscriber list. This eliminates the need to download your data to then have to upload it back to an email marketing service. When using your OnSpot Social iPad app with Mailchimp together, it’s a winning combo!

Whether you’re collecting a survey, you have a physical retail store, or you’re a realtor collecting feedback from potential buyers, this fantastic integration of OnSpot Social and Mailchimp is a must use. You will easily eliminate wasted time to then be able to really fine tune your email and data marketing. You will begin to paint a more accurate picture of your customers and clients so you can seamlessly target your email marketing campaign with Mailchimp.

Setting Up Your MailChimp Account To Integrate With OnSpot Social

First thing’s first. If you haven’t already done so, select and purchase the OnSpot social subscription that works for your business. At checkout, use the special promotional code for Mailchimp users, mc10 for a 10% discount! Once you have created your account, be sure to log in so that you can set everything up.

Step One:  Go to OnSpot Social’s integration screen by selecting the ‘Integrations’ tab. Then select MailChimp from the list.

Step Two: Next, you will connect OnSpot Social with MailChimp by using your login credentials.

MailChimp List Selection

Step Three: The next screen will show all of your lists associated with your MailChimp account. Select the MailChimp list that you would like emails collected through OnSpot Social to be automatically forwarded to. Then press “continue”.

‘Mapping’ OnSpot Social To Your MailChimp List

Step Four: You are now at the mapping screen, which will show all of your OnSpot Social fields. Select the fields in MailChimp that you would like them to map to. NOTE: It is not necessary to map all fields.

Step Five: From the drop down at the bottom of the screen, select a Tag. Any data collected through the OnSpot app that has this Tag associated with it will automatically be forwarded to your MailChimp list.

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Step Six: Press the Save button. The integration setup is complete and active at this time. You may choose to continue linking other MailChimp lists with OnSpot Social using the same process above (Repeat steps 3 through 5).

Using OnSpot Social With Your New Mailchimp Integration

Now that you’ve set everything up, it’s time to begin collecting data and marketing like a superstar. Mailchimp even allows up to the first 2,000 collected emails for free! With over 7 million people using their service, it’s easy to see why we have included them in our ever growing list of integrations. Send those initial customer emails out in style and with a precision like you’ve never used before.