Musicians Convert Fans Into Social Media Connections with iPad

Who doesn’t want to be connected with their favorite bands and musicians? Musicians have it much easier than a lot of other businesses when it comes to being able to build a high quality, large online community of fans. I’d venture to say that 99% of fans want to be connected online with their favorite bands and artists. With the desire being there, the only other obstacle that musicians face when it comes to converting fans into online connections is the actual conversion process. For the most part the only time that fans get to interact with their favorite musicians is at a concert or other event whereby their favorite bands are attending. So the question becomes, “How can musicians convert fans into social media connections at concerts”?

Anytime that ANY business interacts with consumers of their product or service an opportunity for building or growing that relationship is presented. It all comes down to the strategy that the business employs for building those relationships. With the explosion of social media tools for business it has now become easier to build those relationships with fans because you can now do it online. Tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Email allow businesses to communicate with their target audience either at a one to many level or a one-to-one level, which then further fosters that relationship. To me this means that the most critical piece of this puzzle is the actual conversion process of real world fan into online connection so that the relationship building process can begin, and expand over time. With this being the case, businesses, and specifically musicians should use iPad at concerts to convert fans into social media connections.

Use iPad at Concerts to Convert Fans into Social Media Connections

Concerts, like ALL events, are a great place to convert fans into social media connections. Now, I’m getting a bit older and don’t go to as many concerts as I would like to anymore, but when I used to attend concerts on a regular basis there would always be a booth, or multiple booths set up to sell the bands swag. How perfect would it be if the band set up a few iPads at these booths and encouraged their fans to use the iPad to connect with the band on social media? Now, in order to make this totally successful the band would have to use the right iPad application for converting consumers into social media connections.

Tips for Using OnSpot Social at Concerts to Convert Fans into Social Media Connections

OnSpot Social is an iPad app that allows businesses to convert consumers into Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and Email Subscribers from anywhere through an iPad. As we mentioned above, musicians can set up iPads at their booths, run the OnSpot Social app, and while they are playing their show, fans can connect with their favorite band on Facebook, Twitter, or Email. Pretty cool, huh? Here are a few tips musicians should consider when using OnSpot Social at concerts to convert fans into social media connections:

  • If you’re playing at a large venue, use multiple iPads so that fans aren’t waiting to connect
  • Determine which online marketing channels you want to grow (Facebook, Twitter, Email or even all 3) and configure all of the settings prior to the concert
  • If you have the iPads set up at your swag booths, consider offering a discount on a fans’ purchase if she uses OnSpot Social to connect with your band
  • Be sure to use an iPad Kiosk to secure your iPads at your booth

Musicians who follow the tips above and get a little creative will have a TON of success with this marketing strategy. Using OnSpot Social and iPad at concerts to convert fans into social media connections will help musicians grow their online community and enable them to start building even stronger relationships with fans in the future.

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