Marketing Agencies Have a New Social Media Tool to Recommend to their Clients

Do you own, or work for, a marketing agency? As an owner of a small marketing agency myself, I know that I’m always looking for an edge for my clients. I am constantly researching the latest marketing tool to see if it makes sense for my clients. Most of my clients share a similar goal, they want to increase their Facebook Likes, gain new Twitter followers, and expand their e-mail marketing list. These three activities lead to larger and larger online communities for businesses. The bigger the online the community, and the higher the quality of those followers, the greater the chances are that our clients will see an increase in sales. If they see an increase in sales I know that more business will be coming to my marketing agency. So when I find great new social media tools that I think will help my clients achieve their goals, I recommend those tools to my clients. I guess it’s my understanding of the social media marketing industry that actually led me to develop OnSpot Social with my business partners.

OnSpot Social is a brand new social media marketing tool geared towards helping businesses collect more Facebook Likes, more Twitter followers, and more e-mail addresses. Now, you may be saying, “sure, there are a TON of social media tools out there that do the same thing, who cares?”. Well you’re right, there are a lot of social media marketing tools out there, but none of them have been designed to collect social media connections on an iPad. OnSpot Social is an iPad app for social media marketing. OnSpot allows businesses to connect with anyone, anywhere. Whether you own a retail store, head up marketing for a College or University, attend trade shows, etc. you can use OnSpot Social and iPad to convert consumers into new social media and email connections for your business.

Picture this… You’re standing in line waiting to pay for your Starbucks coffee and on the counter is a shiny iPad with a message displayed that says, “Save 10% on your purchase by Liking us on Facebook”. Before you pull out your mobile phone to search for Starbucks’ Facebook page you realize that you can actually Like Starbucks on Facebook right there on the iPad. OnSpot Social makes it very easy for you to do so. Simply click the Facebook icon, enter in your login credentials, and Like the page. It’s that easy.

How many of your clients own retail stores? How many attend trade shows, conventions, or host live events? How many of your clients are auto dealers or are in the healthcare space? All of these businesses can benefit from OnSpot Social. All that it’s going to take is for you to bring them the idea. If OnSpot Social works to collect Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, and e-mail addresses like we say it does (iPad App Helps Businesses Collect 10,000 New Connections in Two Months), then you are well on your way to a contract renewal with your clients! So the next time you’re planning to meet with your clients OR you’re writing a marketing plan, be sure to include OnSpot Social as one of your recommended social media marketing tools. We appreciate it. Your clients will too!

PS – Soon we will be launching an affiliate program, complete with a white label setting which will allow you to collect reoccurring commissions for every client who purchases an annual subscription.