Marketing Agencies Sell Tablet Marketing Strategy to Clients

Marketing and Advertising agencies of all shapes, sizes, and strategies have at least one thing in common, they are all looking for the next big idea to bring to their clients. The more creative and relevant the idea, the better it should work for their clients, and thus the more business they should be able to get in the future. When it comes to developing those new ideas for their clients, many marketing agencies keep an eye on, and an ear out, for the latest technologies hitting the market. The latest technology trend that has marketing agencies, and their clients, wicked excited for 2014 and beyond? On-location tablet marketing.

Tablets like the iPad are providing a new channel for marketing agencies to strategize around. Think about it, the tablet allows companies to engage customers and prospects at any location with digital engagement campaigns. No more launching digital campaigns that can only be taken advantage of when a consumer is at home in front of his computer. Now, those same campaigns can actually take place in the business’s store, at their restaurant, during an event, etc. Savvy marketing agencies are realizing just how much potential tablets offer, and they are taking advantage of it by selling in tablet marketing strategy to their clients.

Selling In A Tablet Marketing Strategy

When it comes to getting clients on board with a tablet marketing strategy, there are a lot of benefits that can be outlined when conveying the value proposition. Here are a few of those benefits which marketing agencies are pointing to when selling in a tablet marketing strategy to their clients:

  • Tablets are portable, durable, and cost effective (in terms of how much other hardware can cost a business)
  • An effective on-location tablet marketing strategy can increase sales
  • Companies can collect any type of data they want from consumers when utilizing a tablet marketing strategy that calls for data collection
  • On-location tablet marketing can build brand loyalty and engagement as marketing agencies can come up with fun tactics that consumers will remember, and talk to their friends about

These are just a few of the many benefits generated from a creative tablet marketing strategy. In terms of selling in your tablet marketing strategy, I definitely recommend bringing a tablet to your pitch, along with a demo of whatever you plan to run on the tablet so that your clients can visualize the campaign. With such a new trend, I’ve come to realize that companies need the visual to support the verbal pitch because they don’t have much to compare it to, thus it’s hard for them to visualize how it would work on-location at their business. That said, once the light bulb goes off, clients are usually more excited about a tablet marketing strategy than most other tactics that get pitched to them.

If you have any questions about how your marketing agency should pitch tablet marketing to your clients, please feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to share with you some of the things we are seeing in the market. Also, if your agency is interested in pitching OnSpot Social as part of your tablet marketing strategy, we have a great reseller program, as well as, an affiliate program which can help your marketing agency generate revenue each time you sell in a tablet marketing strategy to one of your clients.