Kohl's Should Collect Customer E-mail Addresses On An iPad In-Store

Have you been to Kohl’s lately? They have a tear-off pad that customers can fill in their e-mail address in order to save $5 on a future purchase and begin receiving e-mail newsletters from Kohl’s. Great strategy, huh? Yes, but the process can be simplified by using OnSpot Social. By collecting email with paper and pen, someone has to record all of the e-mail addresses manually into a database. Also, there’s no way to know how many times a person enters the same e-mail address. I can go to Kohl’s three separate times, fill out the same e-mail address to get my $5 off each time and Kohl’s would never know the difference.

With OnSpot Social, we keep track of the e-mail addresses in the system. If someone tries to enter the same e-mail address twice, our system rejects it. Also, no more manually entering e-mail addresses into the database as our system will allow you to securely download your email list on-demand. Simply upload that file into your e-mail database and you’re ready to rock and roll!

Think about how much money a large retailer such as Khol’s would save if they eliminated the following from their current e-mail collection campaign:

  • No more print design costs
  • No more printing costs
  • No more distribution costs
  • No more in-store collection costs
  • No more giving $5 off to the same customer
  • No more completed card shipment costs
  • No more manual data entry for e-mail addresses

Now take a look at your costs with OnSpot Social:

  • $174.99/year subscription fee for OnSpot Social (per iPad)
  • $350/Refurbish iPad 2 (one-time fee)
  • iPad Kiosk ($150/iPad)

We don’t pretend to know how much Khol’s current e-mail collection program costs, but we strongly believe that it’s considerably more than what would spent for a much more efficient and  fun way to collect customer e-mail addresses in-store. We’d love to discuss the pros and cons of traditional email collection methods vs. the new with any business currently using Kh0l’s model – give us a call.  Cheers!

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